Girls, take off it immediately! Top 10 women’s mistakes in clothing

Depending what didn’t we say, but deep down we know that we are the dress up for men. The truth does not always do it for them, and often shocking with our clothes. About that, in what form, do not need to appear in front of a potential boyfriend, tell our top 10 most visible women blunders in creating the image.

Top 10 women's mistakes

1. Terribly convenient

Girls, deep down you also suspected that the pants with “bunt” does not lead to anything good, except for convenience? Not composed of men with them mutual love. A strong half of humanity would like to see next to a girl, and not a baby in diapers. Especially trousers shorten the leg and make the most delicious part of the body shapeless and not attractive. The only place where you can go them, it is nowhere. Even at home, you need to look at all 100. That’s the ladies, not an easy task. It is widespread the women’s mistake in clothing

women’s mistake in clothing

2. Open your face

Recently you begin to notice that the stronger sex does not pay attention to you? And just recently, you bought a big sunglasses? Believe me, these events related. Perhaps your new accessory is so huge and is difficult to see your face. Or men think that you are trying hide yesterday’s party at a club or old age. Points inspiring size does not make a stylish, fashionable and mysterious image. They attribute you stormy weekend and extra 10 years. Therefore, if you have nothing to hide, quickly remove your “veil”. Moreover, in this way, in the opinion of men, almost every girl like a fly. And this is not the most pleasant comparison, is not it?

women’s mistake in clothing

3. Stay away – will kill!

Some ladies have long ceased to be ladies. They are more like conquerors of all the items of the male wardrobe. Initially, they have enough shirt and boyfriend jeans, but now their preferences have changed a little. And now the shoes are replaced by large coarse shoes, where women are very similar to the builders. And if you have planned a walk with a young man, please, change of notation. Or do you want to leave him without toes, if by chance on them come? Return these shoes their true owners – men. The miniature leg should not become a weapon of mass destruction.

women’s mistake in clothing

4. In winter and summer

What to do, when it’s 30, but the sun beckons to the beach to sunbathe? That’s right, summer shoe boots and hold the legs of bath procedures. Not only do these shoes unhygienic and looks strange, so also men express their clear dissatisfaction about it. Ladies in the shop so many shoes in which you can immediately spot the male population and stop bring them to a heart attack with summer boots. Men recognize this women’s mistake in clothing immediately that is why buy suitable summer shoes.

women’s mistake in clothing

5. The hairy stories

You just do not have time to do hair removal, and resorted to the services of your savior – a long skirt? A male fantasy at the sight of you already played out in earnest. And here in front of you, they are rough hairy legs, and even of different lengths. Now try to convince them of this. To begin to take off this huge piece of cloth and put on something more fitting and emphasizes your figure. That’s better.

women’s mistake in clothing

6. Show all hidden

The moose love long ago enslaved most of the female population, regardless of the shape, height, and the numbers on the scales. Leggings can be worn on any body type woman, and that scares men. Not everyone is on friendly terms with the gym and your body, so it is not necessary to expose the shortcomings in public. But also the beauties with the perfect figure it would be necessary to get rid of this thing because guys do not want to see next to a temptress other males. Add yourself as modesty and mystery, removing them from themselves. Importantly, do not forget to wear something else.

women’s mistake in clothing

7. Licentiousness you to face

If the date today is waiting for you, and you have already tried to make the second hour on the head or the tail of a perfect beam, then throw this venture and leave your hair alone. The man still does not appreciate your efforts, and you, in turn, get rid of a nervous breakdown. Flowing tresses – a great option for almost any event.

women’s mistake in clothing

8. Hunting or date?

To impress a guy and immediately did not frighten off him hang back the hanger with leopard dress. The first thing that may come to a man’s head, it’s your aggressive tendencies. Man thinks that he is dealing with a predator that is going to enslave him, so run away from you at any successful opportunities. And the second is paid “services”. If you do not want to hear the phrase “may be to me?” Or better yet “how much time is it?”, Then just should think about a change of attire. As we know leopard dress favorite most women, but for the first date don’t use it, because we call it women’s mistake in clothing.

women’s mistake in clothing

9. Marsupial giant

You are going to visit a friend, and your guy thought that you move of him forever? And all the matter in your giant bag. Men think that this all-consuming abyss just waiting to put in it any subject, and it disappeared without a trace there.

women’s mistake in clothing

10. Calm down

The last few years winter market ugg shoes seized. And for women’s feet turns into a warm shelter for the men’s eye becomes a nightmare. Wherever you go, everywhere surrounded by owner flat and shapeless legs. As if the girls do not care what elegance was lost somewhere far away in the wool. In such shoes of the fair half of humanity would like to send to her grandmother in the village. It is time to stop cause such desire and buy finally beautiful feminine boots.Top 10 women's mistakes

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