Why diets make you fat? Why do diets not give results?

You tried dozens of diets, trying to choose the most effective. But nothing works. The thing is that the best diet is the refusal of diets. In the modern world, the cult of the body dominates. Why diets make you fat? People try to do everything to look as good as possible. And for many, it is a great way to earn money.

People who make up all kinds of nutrition plans, develop food substitutes and weight loss programs, just try to empty your pockets.

In fact, it is enough to understand the structure of our body and follow three very simple tips.

Eat balanced

This is better than any restrictions.

Why diets make you fat? Our body works like a machine. It also requires fuel for movement. Only the body is a more complex system, and for different activities, it needs different fuels.

Why diets make you fat

You do not need to stop eating sweet, becoming a vegetarian or raw food. Just eat a variety of food.

Eat sweet in moderation

Do not give up dessert. It considered that the sweet is the enemy of a beautiful figure. Yes, if you eat too many sweets. However, eating one cabbage is also harmful.

Imagine that your body has been used to eating only one carrot for several months. And then the season of vegetable ends, and you suddenly eat a huge burger and a bucket of ice cream. Do you think the body will be delighted? He will be in shock because he has already forgotten what fat and sugar are. And this can even lead to problems with the heart.

Honestly, can you live without sweet all your life? No. Sooner or later you will fall and eat half of the cake with cream. And then you will reap the fruits in the form of complications with health.

So do not get hung up on some products, and periodically, at least once a week, let yourself eat sweets.

Why diets make you fat

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Let’s say you decided to run 1 km every day and press 10 times. And you stick to the planned plan, no matter how hard it is for you.

What will happen in two weeks? This will no longer seem so difficult for you. You will become sturdier and will be able to gradually increase the load.

Start small, and after a while, you will be surprised at your results.