What helps you wake up in the morning

Why is hard for us to get up in the morning and how to ease the rise and What helps you wake up in the morning.

About why we want to switch the alarm “for another five minutes,” what kind of consequences it leads to and how to make the awakening easy.

Why do we set the alarm o’clock?

Naturally, our body prepares awakening an hour before we wake up. Gradually the temperature rises, producing the invigorating cortisol. If we wake up to an alarm clock and every day at different hours, the body turns out not ready for rising.

The alarm pulls us out of the stage of deep sleep when the body temperature lowered

What helps you wake up in the morning

Precisely, because of it seems to us that the outside is cold and unpleasant. Bed  the warmest and cozy place in the world.

Not wanting to leave the bed, we set the alarm for 15-20 minutes, and then another 10. As a result, we get two or three awakenings in the morning instead of one.

What does it lead

We hope that we will sleep better if we sleep a little more. But with sleep cycles, such arithmetic does not work. After switching the alarm for half an hour, we fall asleep again, finding ourselves in a stage of deep sleep. The alarm works, again, you need to wake up without preparation, the body confused. And now getting out of bed more difficult than after the first awakening.

Works mechanism inertia of sleep: you feel indisposition, heavy head and, weak. Many people think that it is the normal morning condition. But, it is not right and, you can do your morning better.

How to ease the morning rise and What helps you wake up in the morning.

To easily wake up and not to switch the alarm clock, set your internal clock.

The body begins preparing for the awakening in time if, will know by what time it should be complete.

Every day wake up the same time(have the importance of every minute). Don’t set the alarm again, don’t try to sleep extra 10 minutes. Remember that it will not make you more cheerful, but on the contrary, will worsen your condition and cause the inertia of sleep.

What helps you wake up in the morning


Even if you slept less than the prescribed, it is better to get out of bed immediately after you wake up. Sleeping for a few minutes will not work, the body can not cheat. It is better to take a warm shower or drink hot tea – it will help reduce discomfort.

What helps you wake up in the morning– train to wake up at one time every day, do not change the schedule even on weekends. Two or three weeks of practice – and you will customize your internal clock.