Ways to be happy and positive in 15 minutes

Only three psychological techniques will help to change life for better in minutes. Recentmagazine.com introduce to you Ways to be happy and positive in 15 minutes.

  1. Plan interesting activities for a year ahead.

Work, education, and housework sometimes tighten and we forgot that in the world have got something aside from daily routine. If you tried and everything tired of then spend 15 minutes on thinking 12  little adventures which will help you get out of the comfort zone.


Ways to be happy and positive will come to your help every time. It can be a trip to the nearby city, parachute jump or a going on a date – choose what’s closest to you.

After you come up with 12 interesting activities, promise yourself that you will realize one each month for a year. Begin to make plans, don’t postpone so they don’t stay only notes on the blocknote.

  1. Agree on a list of cases with your dreams

Imagine yourself after five or ten years. Think about who you want to see yourself. What you want to achieve in personally and professionally. Write down your ideas. Then compare them to your current list of cases.

Ways to be happy and positive

Does it serve your long-term goals? If not, make the necessary changes to the list. Postpone or cancel something, and add something, on the contrary. Ideally, you should check the list of cases with long-term plans daily or at least once a week.

  1. Create a happy piggy bank

Find an empty jar or box and write on it “Happy moments”. Remember what happened to you lately. Write it down on small pieces of paper and put them in the jar.

Ways to be happy and positive


When something joyful happens, replenish this piggy bank. And once in several months, open it and re-live the happy moments.

Simply paying more attention to the good things in your life, you will more optimistic look at the world around.