Using Instagram on computer without Bluestacks

Many people who use Instagram are forced to download Bluestacks on their computer to due to lack of Instagram web version functions. In turn, it was causing problems such as freezing computer, lowering the computer because of excessive force depletion of Bluestacks.

As we want to give your attention Google Chrome plugin. In advance, we want to warn you that it is not an official prepared plugin of Instagram and after a period of time use can be stopped. Plugin prepared by an agency and we think it will be beneficial to warn you that plugin can be dangerous about theft of accounts passwords or whatever may be exposed to attack. As, we want to say that we have tested, the plugin works normally and functionality of plugin enough for us and you cannot upload video to Instagram from computer. We must add that your included email and password while connecting to Instagram API is standard information. The existence of this information on plugin server is an interesting and obscure detail.

upload video to instagram from computer

In plugin available Direct function which has got in mobile version too. Most of the Instagram users needed to download this function with the additional program because of suffering from lack of a Direct function on the web version.

upload video to instagram from computer

After installing mentioned-plugin at the top right corner of Chrome by clicking the Instagram icon you can read and respond Direct messages. At the same time entering to the plugin, you can see notifications, accept or reject the followers, also view, like histories and comment.

The standard Instagram functions as to share photo or upload video to instagram from computer is not added to this plugin. If, will add this function, Bluestack will be indispensable for Instagram users.

upload video to instagram from computer

The plugin which developed by NextThing Apps works as a supplement to the web version of Instagram and add some functions also to the web version. In Instagram web –version, you can download pictures to the computer directly. At the same time, there appears Stories section which hasn’t got in the web version and you can see stories of other persons.

You can download the plugin to Chrome from here