Four ways to use coffee for health and beauty. Tricks about coffee for health.

Well-known fact: Coffee, revives due to caffeine. Coffee beans and an aromatic drink help us quickly restore our tone and get form after physical and mental stress. But caffeine has got many others useful qualities.   Even in low concentrations, It gives a unreplaceable piquant shape of taste some well-known products. A variety of useful products based on coffee you can quite prepare yourself! introduce you tricks about coffee for health.

  •  For tone and mood: coffee and banana cocktail.

tricks about coffee for health You are very tired and looking outside to the weather with very bad mood? Restore your vitality charges, return yourself positive mood, prepare for you tasty and a refreshing treat. In 100 milliliters of cold coffee and mix it with milk, add a cup of coffee ice cream and a couple of bananas. Mix all of them a few minutes with a blender. If you will use these tricks about coffee for health, you see the results soon. It will take all your tiredness and melancholy. What to do in special heavy situations when even you haven’t mood to prepare anything? Then just keep in mind that people use caffeine to give special aroma and taste to the most modern drinks and products, which, you can find in the nearest supermarket.

  • For youth of skin: Coffee mask around eyes

tricks about coffee for health 6


The linoleic acid, which has in coffee restore skin elasticity and prevents aging. Prepare mask for around eyes: melt 1 tablespoon rye flour into cold coffee, add 1 egg yolk, apply to the around of eye, then after 15 minutes wash mask with warm water and apply the nourishing cream.



  • For cleansing: coffee peeling

tricks about coffee for health 5If you want to clean the skin from pollution, coffee peeling will help you.  Take 1 tablespoon coffee grounds, cosmetic clay chopped lemon zest and mix all of them. Then add them to the boiling water and at the end add a little salt too. Let the coffee mixture to be cold, then apply it on your face and leave 5-15 minutes and wash with warm water.

  • For Hair Restoration: Coffee mask for hair

tricks about coffee for health Mask from coffee will help to strengthen and give a light shade to your hair. Coffee grounds resulting from the preparation of regular coffee (2 tablespoons) mixed with two egg yolks, add half a teaspoon of burdock oil and a little brandy. Mix and apply the mixture and massage evenly distributed on the scalp and hair. Tuck your head – and after about 15 minutes you can wash your hair with shampoo. Periodically, spoil such a hair mask – and your hair will shine!

The aroma of freshly made coffee (better – from freshly ground beans) can cheer and cheer up as fast as a cup of strong drink. And the pleasant smell stimulates the immune system and improves brain function. So to improve the state periodically enough to hold itself sessions “coffee aroma”!

Are you using tricks about coffee for health in daily life?