The importance of artificial intelligence

One of the creators of Siri told how artificial intelligence can improve our lives and about the importance of artificial intelligence

Tom Gruber shared his vision of the future, in which artificial intelligence will expand our capabilities and interact with us.

I think the AI’s goal is to give the person the intelligence of the machine. When machines become smarter, we also become smarter.

Tom Gruber

Virtual Assistants

Today, virtual smart assistants are a common phenomenon. They are original intermediaries between a person and an artificial intelligence. For most of us, this technology just makes life a bit easier. But for people with disabilities, it becomes a salvation from loneliness, helping them communicate and maintain relationships with other people.

the importance of artificial intelligence

Diagnosis of cancer

When the doctor suspects the patient of cancer, he sends tissue samples to the analysis of the pathologist. Who examines them under a microscope? Pathologists for the day see hundreds of samples, millions of cells. To facilitate their work, researchers created an experimental program-classifier with artificial intelligence. She looks through the images of the samples and determines the presence of cancer cells. The program worked well but still could not replace a person.

But when the efforts of human and AI combined, the accuracy of diagnosis reached 99.5%. So it was possible to exclude 85% of mistakes that the pathologist would allow, working alone.

It turned out that people better identify false results, and the program better identifies hard-to-recognize cases. But only teamwork helped to make a breakthrough.


Imagine that you are an engineer who needs to create a new model of a drone. You open the CAD program, define the form and materials, and then analyse the characteristics. So you get one model.  But AI from the same data will generate thousands of models. It is the importance of artificial intelligence

This approach will cardinally change the design. A person will only have to say what the model should do, and the machine will provide options. Then the engineer, relying on his experience and knowledge, will choose one most suitable option.

Improvement of cognitive abilities

Take at least a memory. This is the basis of human intelligence. We forget details, places, names. With age, memory only worsens.

What will happen if we had a memory like a computer? What if we could remember every person we met during our life. About their names and hobbies. What we talked about? When we last saw each other? Of course, for most of us, this extended memory will not bring many benefits. But it can change the lives of millions of people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Who, because of memory problems, live in complete isolation.

the importance of artificial intelligence

And what if we memorized everything that we read and listen to? Then, with the help of AI, we would extract the necessary information from memory, having only the slightest clue, and with ease would notice the connections between different ideas.

We could remember the consequences of each eaten product and every taken medicine. We would collect and analyse data about our health. Imagine how this would change the treatment of allergies and chronic diseases. About the importance of artificial intelligence Tom Gruber told:

We can choose how AI will enter our life: automates our jobs and replaces us or will work with us, expanding our capabilities

Tom Gruber