Swarovski New Year’s advertising campaign.Swarovski crystal designs

The New Year season is not far off. The famous Austrian brand Swarovski presented the earliest gift to its fans. Swarovski introducing a new advertising campaign Brilliance for All. As we know Swarovski crystal designs famous all over the world.

In honor of this brand rolled a luxury party that opened Milan Fashion Week. At this party assembled together a brilliant in all senses society.

Carly Kloss, Naomi Campbell, Jordan Dunn and other supermodels took part in the shooting.

The Swarovski Crystal Wonderland Party repeated the idea of an advertising campaign.

The hostess in the face of the brand ambassador, Carly Kloss, greeted the guests. They were Naomi Campbell, Chiara Ferrandi, Jordan Dunn, Fei Fey Sun and others.

In the center of attention are the best-selling brands and decorations from the holiday collection. For example, absolutely necessary in this season are strands from the Swarovski Remix Collection. Classic Sparkling Dance decorations, and chocolates and Fit necklaces.

Photos of the campaign perfectly convey the festive mood that prevailed during the shooting. Carly Kloss said about participating in the project.

“In the New Year season, the main thing is to be together and make happy those who are dear to us. This is the essence of the current Swarovski campaign. “