Steps to cleaning a house. Nine easy tricks.

Each of these steps to cleaning a house will take no more than 5 minutes to complete and your apartment will look clean and presentable.

  1. Sort trivia

In each apartment have a shelf or a box, where we put small things together, for which there was no other place. Most likely, most of these things you do not need. Get rid of unnecessary trash without regrets, and sort the remaining trifles by category.



  1. Sort out the shoes

Shoe rack, pantry or lower compartment of the cabinet, where you keep the shoes, also requires cleaning. First, get rid of shoes and shoes that you do not like or become smaller. Make it easy to access the ones you most often wear. Teach yourself to put shoes back when you get back home. Then cleaning in the shoe department will need to be done much less often. Steps to cleaning a house teach you to keep the home clean.

steps to cleaning a house

  1. Gently fold the clothes

Collect all shirts and pants, if they are lying around the apartment, and put them in the closet. Throw out ragged and without a couple sock. When you place things in a closet, use simple tips ensure that your clothes will not wrinkle.

  1. Look in the fridge

Discard those products that have expired. Take each product category, separate shelves. So you do not have to search long for the onions for salad or pasta sauce.

  1. Disassemble a stack of magazines in the toilet

A stack of magazines, which many people store in the toilet, you must clean too. Count how much time you spend in the toilet and how much time you will need to read all the accumulated magazines. Realize that you will not need as much literature in the bathroom, and find a place for magazines in the closet or shelving.

  1. Unwind the tangle of wires

Not all gadgets have a wireless interface, and an intricate cable system can ruin any interior. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to tidy up wires, for example, wrap them around with scotch tape.

  1. Wash the windows

Despite the fact that washing of the windows does not take much time, before cleaning it often does not reach them. Take the wiper, napkin and wipe the windows. You can also clean mirrors and glass doors.

steps to cleaning a house

  1. Organize space under the sink

The set under the sink is a traditional place for storing buckets, detergents, rags, and sponges. Sort the found, along with getting rid of what you do not need.

  1. Wipe the kitchen electrical appliances

Lazed to wipe the dust on the weekend? Nothing wrong. But the surface of the instruments that directly touch your products, still worth keeping clean. Wipe the refrigerator door, microwave, toaster, and oven with a damp rag, and leave everything else for later. It is the main steps to cleaning a house.