Stars who married after 35

When girls are not married according to the occurrence of 20 years, was considered old maids, forever gone. But this does not mean that at the meeting of graduates, or when applying for a new job you will not be asked the insidious question: “Why are you still single?” And in this case is quite difficult to explain to people that have not yet met “the one” or Now you are more concerned with the promotion of the career ladder.

In this connection, Recentmagazine decided to make a list of stars, which are also in no hurry to exchange wedding rings with their beloved and treasured said “yes” only after 35.


Nobody believed that Amal will be able to lure in networks, much less marry yourself main Hollywood Bach George Clooney. Because at the time of dating the girl with the actor was already far beyond 30. It was the surprise for star fans when they learned that the wedding will take place. Officially changed the name to Amal Clooney, when she had turned 36 years old.

Geri Halliwell


Former member of the most successful Girls Band United Kingdom Spice Girls, «redhead peppercorn” brought to mind more than a dozen men, but decided to go down the aisle just after forty. Her chosen one was the head of Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing Christian Horner. The couple announced their desire to combine the knot after 15 months of dating, at that time, Jerry was 41.

Penelope Cruz


Rumor has it, the cause of the divorce Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise became the passionate Spaniard. But needless to say that Penelope is not included plans marry master Hollywood Scientologist. The husband she chose her countryman, Spanish sex symbol Javier Bardem. At that time, Penelope was 36 years old.

 Rachel Weisz


Become my wife 007 managed not everyone – especially if behind quite a lot of experience is not an entirely successful relationship. Rachel then was 41.

Rose McGowan


Among the “love trophies,” the actress featured big names such as shock-rocker Marilyn Manson and director Robert Rodriguez, who, by the way, fell under the spell of Rose, left his wife and five children. Although the marriage broke up two years later, the star of TV series “Charmed” has proved that marriage can be accessed even after 40.