Stages healthy relationships. Five useful advices.

Psychologists say that in love have got stages and many couples are going through different stages healthy relationships. Find out at what phase you are at the moment and what you need to remember in order to achieve perfect love.

An increasing number of people end a relationship which no longer brings joy. But what if it happens because we idealize love? Why such confidence that everything is in a relationship to be perfect? As a result, we are paying a very high price and pay it from own relationships. We can save if realize in time that we are just passing through a difficult stage. And get information about stages healthy relationships.

 Stages healthy relationships

Remember that in life there is a place for routine, everyday difficulties, alienation, disappointment and many more things. Realizing this will grow real feelings and build perfect love.

The first stage: falling in love

Love always comes to our life unexpectedly and unconsciously. It arises by itself and we cannot prevent or silence it with force. When people talk about falling in love, they mean the chemistry which occurs between two souls. Falling in love is not a conscious choice, but a manifestation of instinct. At the same time, it really satisfies our need for love, but only temporarily.

When we are in love, we feel that someone needs us, that person appreciated and admired by us. Love does not tolerate criticism and objection. You do not listen to anyone because you know who is right for you. You are ready to devote all the time and energy to a partner who for you becomes the best person on earth.

 Stages healthy relationships

Unfortunately, sooner or later, love disappears, and we inevitably return to the real world.

The second stage: becoming a pair

Love – is a conscious choice. You can continue to love, even when the love went. Begin to feel a strong connection with a partner and feel like a couple. You are comfortable and calm together. You grow and develop together with a partner.

In this stage, many people make important decisions such as to start living together, marry or have a child. You know that your union based on common values and mutual respect. The second half becomes a full-fledged part of your life, and you understand that the world revolves around the two of you as a whole.

The third stages healthy relationships: disappointment and alienation

Disappointment and alienation are a difficult stage through which many couples pass. However, not everyone can overcome this stage. The largest number of separations and divorces happens in this period.

The stage of disappointment is somewhat like a hangover. It is sad and painful for you that the party is over, and its consequences cause unpleasant feelings.

In the period of falling in love, we regard the partner as if under a magnifying glass. The jokes seem doubly ridiculous, natural sarcasm perceived as proof of an acute mind, and everything that connected with this person seems ideal. But when the stage of frustration comes, we see another picture: jokes seem primitive, sarcasm turns into arrogance, and any comments aloud start irritating.

Inevitably, we ask ourselves the question: have we made the right choice? Do not panic, you are not alone facing a similar problem. To go through this stage is difficult, but if you succeed, everything will be only better.

The fourth stage: working in love

Do not despair if it seems to you that the feelings are gone. You can continue to love, even when you stop looking at the partner through rose-colored glasses. You will save the situation if you change your mindset.

Anyone who wants to love will find a suitable method. And for working on the relationships you will receive an unexpected reward:  your senses will become more mature and stronger.

 Stages healthy relationships

Accept that a person near can not and should not be perfect.

Fifth stage: love can change the world

Our life is a complicated thing, in which there are difficult times. To cope with all the problems alone, you can, but it’s difficult. When you will build a true love and pass through the inevitable difficulties, then in the face of your second half you will gain a strong ally and the main adherent.

The most powerful force in this world is the power of two people united in a single whole. At the last  stages healthy relationships, appears completely new level of mutual respect and acceptance. You do not hide anything, you know the strengths and weaknesses of each other and love your partner the way he is.


Such kind of love really changes everything. It allows you to forget the old grievances, gives self-confidence and helps feel your importance and the importance of the person next to you. Do not forget that love is a choice. And you can choose it today.