Why smartphones are as harmful as cigarettes

Every year we become attached to gadgets more and more, although we refuse to admit it. Every minute need for a smartphone is just another bad habit, and it has own price and smartphones effect on the brain.

Smartphones ruin our attention

Clogging of attention – it is when we distract someone else’s inability to focus on what happens around. The inability of others to focus on what is important puts our concentration, already shaky, under attack.

Like passive smokers, suffering from someone else’s tobacco smoke, we suffer from the destructive influence of other people’s smartphones on our attention.

We are distracted and forget what we just thought about and experienced. That’s why it hurts when one of the households jams into the phone during dinner. We begin to boil at the sight of the glowing display in the dark hall of the cinema. That’s why we are getting annoyed when someone in a nearby chair starts scribbling SMS during an interesting match. All this happens because of the smartphones effect on the brain.


These people are clogging our attention. We were so enthusiastically living this moment here and now, together with the family, the heroes of the film or the beloved team, while they are in front of us has not gotten in their alternate reality!

You can continue the analogy with smoking. A smoker is ruining his health in the future for the sake of several delicious puffs in the present. Constant bursts of dopamine, caused by huskies and other momentary network incentives, in the long term can lead to violations in the brain.

Try to sit down and write a composition for a couple of hours, like in school. Most likely, you cannot keep within the allotted time. And it’s not even that here more distractions.

Our ability to resist irritants weakened so much that we almost forgot how to manage our attention, even when nothing hinders us.

Some believe that being a good and responsible employee means being in touch and know about everything any moment. It does not matter when: during the performance of the child on the matinee, or at a traffic light, or on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

It is like an old electronic game in which a wolf tries to catch eggs: it seems like you need to catch every piece of information, otherwise, you’ll lose. But no one thinks about in what, actually, a prize.

We waste our attention in the pursuit of information not because it makes us smarter, more informed or professional, but because these are the rules of the game. So it is accepted. Most worryingly, the blurred attention becomes a social norm. We are accustomed to accepting the fact that we and the people around us fall out of the reality. And it is real evidence that smartphones effect on the brain.



Why it is worth to quit

Keep the phone away if:

  • You forgot what it’s like to enjoy full-fledged live communication without “breaks” on the Web;
  • You do not only need your attention to what is happening but also the attention of others. Do not destroy the charm of the moment;
  • You want a smartphone to simplify your life, not replace it. Stop continually flowing through huge flows of information, because sooner or later you will have to pay for it to your brain;
  • You agree that your attention is a precious resource that you need to protect;
  • You do not want your growing inattention to jeopardize relationships with loved ones

Release the phone from your hands. The advertised freedom of communication is as far from freedom as an easy smoker from a healthy lung.