Signs serious relationship. How to recognize it?

An incipient novel, like any relationship is a complex process. Also, it is difficult to classify. After a joy and happiness, followed a moments of doubt and anxiety. Clarity replaced by the vague prospects and unnecessary thoughts at times. How to understand  the signs serious relationship?


The most obvious is his recognition. It is another signs serious relationship. Here the declaration of intent is the most important of the specific declarations “I love you”. The latter can be said under the influence of the moment, which does not mean the frivolity of your possible boyfriend. Feelings, like serious relationships, are not an easy thing.

Sometimes a person can make a mistake and give out what he wants for reality. Another thing is the recognition that your relationship is very important to him. It seems to him that “something serious is happening between you” Most likely, it is true.


A symptom that betrays the serious intentions of a man is also a manifestation of feelings in the public. We do not mean grasping for different parts of the body (although this may be, depending on the situation, both vulgar and an appropriate gesture). It’s about touching, about important and correct words. Likes of your posts and mentioning you in his posts in social networks are also manifestations of feelings.

signs serious relationship

Although the main signs serious relationship – care for you. After all, how do you know if he has a serious relationship with you? Make sure he’s attentive to you. In what way is this expressed? In everything from “Give me your hand, its slippery” to “Do you need help with the car? Where are you? In the countryside? Long away? I’m leaving.


As for the priority of your relationship for him, here everything is simple. He has a lot of work. But he will always find time to meet with you. He will never show that he is tired. Communication with you gives him strength.

All this – confessions, displays of feelings, care – fine. What do you think about it? Do you need a serious relationship with a man? Have you ever said to yourself: “I want and I set for a serious relationship”? If so, then go to meet him. And try to trust.

signs serious relationship


If a man not only speaks but also makes your heart in place, then everything goes perfectly. And very important is also the attention to your life. Does he listen to you, delving into your troubles? If you can confirm this, you are lucky: great happiness is to meet someone for whom our life with all its pluses and minuses is as important as for us.

Add a piggy bank sign of the seriousness of your novel is the pronoun “we” (whether he uses it when he speaks about you?). His stories about childhood, the things which he left at your home. He is not in a hurry to take back. You can assume that your relationship has reached a new level.