The right hairstyle – way to the changes. A symbol of femininity and health.

Beautiful and well-groomed hair – a symbol of femininity and health. Of course, every woman would like to have gorgeous hair, to feel attractive.

It is known by everybody that changing of the image, including hair cut or radical changing of hair color is a global change in the life of every woman. Most of bioenergetics and people who have extrasensory abilities believe that the hair – a connection with the cosmos, hair play the role of the antenna. Try to cut ends of hair periodically because there accumulates our negative energy (the effects of stress, emotions, bad thoughts).

When you read the legends and ancient tales, you can find a lot of cult about hair. Starting from ancient Egypt, where women wore free straight or slightly wavy hair with ornaments, because they believed that hair transmits information from the Gods.

a symbol of femininity and health 1_1In my life, I was a fiery redhead girl and chocolate coffee brunette. I wore a hairstyle of different lengths. I played with a bang and experimented herself in the pleasure. Because, as we know the hair- a symbol of femininity and health. And always my image was complete and intense.

I’m sure to any woman will suit to be a blonde and a brunette and brown-haired! The secret of successful changes to the hair is skin tones combined hair and hairstyles in combination with an oval face! Taking into account that even the dark-skinned beauty Beyonce looks amazingly with blond hair, then what could we be afraid of ?!


Then I suggest you determine your face type:a symbol of femininity and health 1_1

The shade of the hair most appropriate for you will help determine the following image:

Try to experiment and transform!

What do you think about the topic? Is it right that the hair a symbol of femininity and health?