Positive ways to cope with stress. 7 stress factors

If you do not have time, dissatisfied with yourself, your life, mostly look like the race, it is time to stop and understand what went wrong and how to fix it. Positive ways to cope with stress will be guiding for you in this way.

A hundred years ago people read only 50 books entire their life. The present time, we are facing overdose of information. If in 2007 we consumed 100 500 words a day, today this number has grown to 178 570 words a day.

Industrialization and automation had to reduce the load and free up time. But it turned out the opposite: we are becoming hostages of technology, worries, notifications and social networks. We think during work about rest, during rest – about work.Stress is growing. We gain weight or compensate for other bad habits.

Consider seven factors of stress of modern man and Positive ways to cope with stress

Factor 1. Notifications and distracting calls

When you work productively, you are in a certain stream of information. If you are diving deep, there is a sense of flow.

Positive ways to cope with stress

Every distracting call, notification or annoying colleague took you out of this state. Once you tuned in for work again, there’s a distraction right away. And you just can not go back to the previous stream, as before. Or you spend time and energy on immersion. They say it takes 15 minutes to concentrate again. Irritability and discontent are growing.

The decision: to plant notices on a diet

Disable all or almost all of the notifications on your phone. You can leave only those that are really important. I have this SMS from the bank and calls.

Turn on silent mode on the phone. You can leave the vibration. Sometimes you can warn loved ones and turn off even vibration and put the phone screen down.

It’s okay if you answer the call in half an hour or go to social networks to see who liked your photo, during a break without notifications.

Factor 2. Switching between tasks

Every day you have a certain amount of thought fuel – a resource that allows you to make decisions and think. The reserves of the fuel  limited. There is a difference between when you perform a task for 15 minutes with a fresh head, and when you are trying to figure out what to do in a tired state.

Where does the thought fuel go? One of the thieves is the wrong switching between tasks. When you have not finished the previous task and started to make a new one. And as soon as you started to make a new one, there is one more and one more. And how here not to panic and not lament the lack of time? As a result, productivity falls and you cannot fully implement your plan.

Solution: Pomodoro technique

How does Pomodoro work? In advance, you make up a written list of tasks that you must fulfill. You do this in order not to keep everything in your head and know the order.

With the list of tasks, you get yourself a timer for 25 minutes of concentrated work (without being distracted by social networks, people, calls). You can tell everyone directly: “Later, I have a” tomato ”

“After each “tomato” – 5 minutes of rest. Even if you want to work another minute – stop and change the situation (Raz Omni’s, make tea). After four such “tomatoes” you rest for half an hour.Factor 3. Area of concern is greater than the area of influence

Factor 3. Area of concern is greater than the area of influence

The field of care is things that we cannot control and cannot influence by (exchange rates, political situation, news of wars and cataclysms).

Positive ways to cope with stress

The sphere of influence is everything that we can influence (work, self-development, improvement of the apartment).

Solution: expand the area of influence, reduce the area of concern

Focus on the circle of influence. Expand it, gradually solving more complex problems. First, you put things in order at home, then on the landing, then you go to the house, the district and so on. As a result, there is less excitement, more confidence in oneself.

Factor 4. Fear of not matching or missing

The news feed on social networks creates an ideal picture of the life of other people. You think:”All such class and successful, but I …” There are thoughts that your life is inadequate. The fact is that many try to seem, not to be.

Solution: healthy skepticism

The best way is to communicate live and ask questions. Many of my friends who broadcasts a perfect rest on social networks can only talk about the difficulties and problems in private.

Factor 5. Haste

You try to catch everything: to meet with friends, to work, home. You are in a hurry to live – you have to go faster and faster. As a result, the internal tension and weight of unresolved problems. You can not get out of the cycle and completely enjoy life here and now.

Positive ways to cope with stress

Solution: Meditation

Factor 6. A little time alone with yourself

You are constantly surrounded by people: at work, at home, in public transport. Remember when was the last time you were alone with your thoughts? It is important to disconnect from the outside world and allocate time for knowing yourself. To communicate with people, you spend energy, and being alone with yourself is a way to recharge. When you listen to yourself, understand your possibilities and desires better. It is another important Positive ways to cope with stress.

Solution: cyclic sports, martial arts

Factor 7. Abandoned unsolved problems

The most common are health problems. For example, the back hurts and you suffer for weeks. And I could immediately solve the problem: go for a massage or change a mattress.

Solution: diagnose and correct in time