Seven useful properties of orange peel

Oranges have long ceased to be exotic for us. You can get them all year round, easy to store, affordable and very helpful. And oranges – a perfect dessert. The pulp of the orange includes salads and sauces. Orange juice – drink of many people. But orange peel demands much less. Today will show why you should not rush to throw the skins of oranges and what benefits they can bring to health.

Improve skin conditionorange peel

The orange peel contains large amounts of organic acids and vitamin C, which are tone and nourish the skin, makes it a more elastic surface layer and fit. The facemask made of two teaspoons of chopped on a fine grater zest of an orange and a teaspoon of honey. Dilute the mixture with unsweetened yogurt to a thick paste and apply on the face for 20 minutes, then wash it with warm water. Applying this means 2-3 times a week, you can quickly achieve the restoration of the skin tone and improve its color.

Teeth Whiteningorange peel

An internal (white) layer of orange peel contains substances that can lighten your tooth enamel, destroying the ugly dark spots, which will eventually cover the surface of the teeth. To get rid of this problem, you need 2-3 times a week to wipe the inside of the teeth orange skins. It contains the organic acid, so that after each procedure necessary to rinse the mouth with warm water.

Help in losing weightorange peel

The composition of an orange peel includes vitamins, activates metabolic processes in the body, and essential oils that reduce appetite. Of course, just nibble orange peel is not worth it. But the drink made from it can help those who want to lose weight Spread the skins of oranges in a single layer in a warm place and well ventilated dried then broke into small pieces. For preparing useful drink we need a tablespoon of dried crust boiled water (preferably in a ceramic dish) cover with the lid and allow to infuse for 10 minutes, then remove the peel and add honey in liquid. Two cups of infusion per day can significantly speed up the metabolism and help get rid of the extra kilos.

Improvement of cardiovascular systemorange peel

Regular consumption of tea from orange skins beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. The fact that the skin contains pectin, lowering blood pressure and normalizes blood cholesterol, as well as substances that enhance ton vessel walls.

Normalization of bowel function

orange peelEssential oils and pectin, are part of the skin of an orange, improve the process of digestion. Zest contains vegetable fibers that allow managing constipation. Even a few sips of orange peel infusion after a heavy meal will help prevent bloating, heartburn and feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.

Scare blood-sucking insectsorange peel

Most insects afraid from noxious fumes, which give crusts orange essential oils. Smeared with fresh peel open areas of the body. The powder made from the dried skins repels flies and moths. The truth is this effect does not last for long, as the citrus scent rather quickly erode. However, one of the most accessible tool and it is completely harmless to health.

Natural flavororange peel

Powdered orange peel has long used as a flavoring in the manufacture of confectionery products, baked goods, beverages and other food products. Perhaps its use and for domestic purposes. For example, to refresh the air in the room will allow a decoction or infusion of orange skins, sprayed with the spray.

Remember: if someone is suffering from allergic reactions surrounding its kind to offer an infusion of orange peels and even refresh the air in a similar facility in the apartment is not safe!