Now you’ll be less see your dentist. And that’s why

A team from King’s College London has found a way to treat damaged teeth without using seals. A chemical called Tideglusib, which is using for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, can heal the small hole in the tooth pulp.

damaged teeth

In a study which published in Science Reports, written that this method leads “the full and effective natural recovery.”

In the teeth very limited ability to regenerate. If the internal dental pulp is exposed, the human body is capable of producing a thin strip of hard tissue dental dentin, but much-damaged teeth thus do not heal.

Scientists are trying to enhance the natural ability of teeth to restore large cavity, rather than using cement or seals, which are subject to infections and often, require replacement.

damaged teeth

This method has been tested on mice, researchers now exploring is it possible in such a way restores larger damaged teeth.