Next Generation iPhone: Apple introduced iPhone 8 and iPhone X

In San Francisco, IT premieres gad tomans waited with special trepidation. This year the corporation celebrates the 10th anniversary of the release of the first generation iPhone. In the honor of the round date, the company presented three new Next Generation iPhone: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and revolutionary iPhone X.

Also at the presentation, they showed to the world the latest version of the SmartWatch Series 3. Apple has become the best selling watch in the world, overtaking Rolex.

The most grandiose case of the new launch was certainly the iPhone X. Expectations were justified. The Next Generation iPhone offers a revolutionary new way to interact with the gadget.

The first and foremost is the Face ID authentication technology, which replaced the Touch ID. With it the Home button on the front panel (you can go back to the main screen from any application, swipe from the bottom of the display upwards).

Next Generation iPhone

Now, to unlock the iPhone, make a purchase with Apple Pay and sign in to applications, just look at the screen. The safety of this technology is incomparably higher than that of the print, the creators assure. The neural network just scans the face and remembers it forever.

You cannot deceive the program. It will recognize you though in makeup, even in a mask, though in the dark. And if the old system assumed that 1 out of 50,000 prints could coincide with yours, then now the chance to crack the phone is 1 per million. By the way, the work Face ID provides a new front camera True Depth.

As expected, the revolution touched on the design of the model, which has not undergone any major modifications for a long time. Now the display occupies the entire front surface of the device. Which, like the back, is made of durable glass and is not afraid of water.

Display Super Retina with a diagonal of 5.8 inches, even more accurately transmits colors. Coupled with the new cameras with the function of portrait lighting and a telephoto lens. It gives a photo quality comparable to a picture taken on a mirror camera. The smartphone is ready to do up to 60 frames per second. Based on the new iOS 11 compresses them, doubling the storage of photos and video on the phone.

Next Generation iPhone

Also from the interesting animated emoji on the anniversary gadget. You can send video messages with the voice, smile and facial expressions of the sender. As well as a six-core A11 Bionic processor that provides applications for augmented reality.

Fans of photography will be a special occasion for joy. The display is now capable of enhanced color coverage and supports True Tone and 3D Touch technologies. Thanks to the special characteristics of the screen.


You can view images on your smartphone from any angle. Separate attention deserves shooting in the “Portrait” mode with the effects of studio lighting.