The newest Samsung phone will release in August 8

The company will present to the public the long-awaited newest Samsung phone Galaxy Note 8 in the next month.

As informed  Korean media resources the releasing of Samsung Note 8 planned in August 2017. The smartphone will introduce to the public in New York. About it gave information official representative of Samsung Company management.

Another Korean source told the exact day -23 August. But confirmed data already haven’t got. Earlier informed that the release of the newest Samsung phone waiting in the second part of September.

The company gives explanation that the newest Samsung phone which they will show us in August will go on sale only after a month. Now have the reason to believe that no need to wait for the autumn.

newest Samsung phone

In the favor earlier release of Note 8 has got two facts. First, such kind of thing has already happened. Last year the announcement of Galaxy Note 7 was on August 7 and August 19 the device was already on sale.

Secondly, on the eve of the autumn, the competition in the market of novelties promises to be greatly exacerbated. The iPhone 8 has all chances to become the coolest update since the first “apple” smartphone, and Google adds fuel to its Pixel 2 fire.

Anyway, we will not wait for it so much.