The men are more skillful than women

What issues do you think men a step forward than women??? In mind cannot come anything, right? Then will inform you…

Professor Timo at the Stockholm University of Sweden conducted an interesting research with the Mantya team. According to the research revealed that men are more skillful than women.

The research team has defined that for doing some work at the same time 2 factors is a basis. First is a place, second is time.

For men, no any meaning of the place and it’s condition. But women will pay attention to its clearness and cannot work in dirty places. Therefore men can be more useful than women. In the survey between the ages of 23-40 attend 160 people. Women who attend to survey asked about their menstrual time and about how they are spending that time.

Then researchers wanted the attendees to look watches which work different speed and time then to write time which they remembered. At the same time, they told to note some Sweden names on the computer.

America’s “Psychological Science” magazine published a survey the men are more skillful doing some work at the same time than women.

It was known that while menstrual time workability of women is decreasing. At other times the women are more active and proactive.

Indirectly, appeared that menstruation affects women life and decrease their performance.