Mary-Kate Olsen talked about marriage with Olivier Sarkozy

30-year-old designer shared details of family life with a 47-year-old bankerDesigner and former actress Mary-Kate Olsen married Olivier Sarkozy in an atmosphere of utmost secrecy in November 2015. Many did not believe that the marriage of this couple will last a long time – it is too great a difference in the age of the spouses (it is 17 years). But almost a year and a half passed, and Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy are still together and, it seems, happy. In a recent interview, Mary-Kate said that the family is for her a real vent.

Olivier Sarkozy

“My sister and I are very lucky: we work a lot, so we do not have time to delve into ourselves. I have a husband, a stepdaughter, a stepson and personal life.I go home, cook dinner, and on weekends I run.Try to look for something that will help me relax because otherwise you can just burn out and lose productivity, “Olsen says.

Before Mary-Kate’s brother, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was married to Charlotte Bernard. Of this marriage, his son Julien and daughter Margo were born. According to Olsen, she gets on well with the children of her husband.

Olivier Sarkozy