Lifestyle improvement strategies.

The quality of life largely depends on material wealth. Material wealth doesn’t completely determine a quality of life. You can perfectly use lifestyle improvement strategies without moving to other country and without changing the work.



Let’s list some criteria that directly affect the quality of life, and tell you how to change them for the better. One by one these changes may seem insignificant. Together they strongly influence how happy and satisfied you feel.



How does it affect the quality of life?

Any health problems reduce the quality of life. Not all people want to quickly get rid of the pain and discomfort. They continue to endure and hope that the body can handle itself.

It is clear that the tooth will not recover itself. Postponing a visit to the dentist, you simply worsen the quality of life and aggravate the problem.

Lifestyle improvement strategies1

How to change

Do not run your health. Go to the dentist if you know that you have tooth decay.

Women should do a breast ultrasound every six months. Breast cancer ranks first among women’s oncological diseases and doctors can treat in the early stages.

Do not suffer from the pain in the neck after a working day. Go to the surgeon or manual therapist, without waiting for a hernia and pinching of the nerve.

Another lifestyle improvement strategy is food

How does it affect the quality of life?

Harmful food impairs health and shortens life, spoils mood and leads to obesity. Which reduces the quality of life.

Yes, the quality of food to some extent depends on the level of income. Healthy foods like salmon and beef, non-seasonal fruit and vegetables, nuts are quite expensive. Reducing the amount of fast food, sweet and other harmful food. It is possible to buy useful products even with a limited budget.

How to change

To Use healthy diet quite simple. The main thing is to learn the basic principles and clearly determine why you are doing it. Here some tips on how to save on food and eat right.

Bad habits

How do they affect the quality of life?

Dependence on cigarettes, alcohol, and sweet reduces the quality of life. You spend money for the things which often do not bring pleasure and benefit. You experience negative emotions from public condemnation, or you condemn yourself for weakness. Your addictions, like harmful food, badly affect your health and shorten life.

Lifestyle improvement strategies1

How to change

To fight with bad habits, you need a goal and a substitute.

The goal will help in the process of weaning to support your determination to get rid of the bad habit. Ideally, this goal should have a real result that you can track. Try to increase sport workout.

Try to go in for sport, to get a hobby, to acquaint new people. Such kind of pleasures will help you get rid of stress and change surroundings, which very helpful fighting with bad habits.

How does it affect the quality of life?

One of the lifestyle improvement strategies is a daily comfort, which is not possible without the cleanliness and order.

Disorder, reduces concentration, increases the levels of stress and causes negative emotions. Trash at the home reduces the feeling of comfort and even makes people consume more harmful food.

How to change

To make sure your house is not overgrown with dust and rubbish, get a useful habit to deal with the disorder:

  • Put things in their places;
  • Wash dishes immediately after eating;
  • Throw things you do not use;

How does it affect the quality of life?

If objective indicators determine the standard of living, income, working conditions, opportunities for education and recreation. In this way the quality of life often depends on the subjective opinion of the person – he is satisfied with his life or not.

Lifestyle improvement strategies1

Very often unreal accidents upset us. Memories of past or fear in front of the future. If you learn to concentrate on the present moment, without flinging thoughts into the past or to the future, the source of many anxieties, stress, and negative thoughts will disappear. Psychological comfort and satisfaction with life will increase.

The concentration at the present time or the awareness will demand from your efforts.

As you can see, to improve the quality of life, you do not need to earn twice as much. Sometimes it is enough to cure a tooth that has been bothering you for a week, to feel a surge of energy from a healthy dinner, to delete the trash on your desktop and to notice what kind of delicious coffee you are drinking or how happy you are to see your friend. Lifestyle improvement strategies will help you in this way.