How to know good wine? 5 tips, which will help you, choose a good wine.

Choose a wine that you like, is difficult. Learn how not to get lost in a huge number of bottles with multi-colored labels and how to know good wine.

Focus on the rewards, which you read on the label, not necessarily always. Experts award wines with medals and note unusual shades of taste, and you may not like these wines. Still, the most important are own taste preferences.

What should you look for in order how to know good wine?

  1. Pay attention to the label

A beautiful design and a fashionable concept absolutely do not talk about what’s inside the bottle.

how to know good wine

On the labels, the main information is the producer, region of origin and grape variety. The last is the most important. Suppose you liked Sauvignon Blanc. Buy the same kind of grapes from another manufacturer or from another region.

After some time you can consciously choose between varieties and countries. Even when the store does not have your favorite wine, you are more likely to get something worthwhile if you bet on a proven region, variety or manufacturer.

  1. Study the wine quality scores in points

If a competent sommelier was not around, and you’d like to buy a bottle for dinner, you can study the wine quality assessment systems in points.

If you want to buy imported wine, then remember that in Europe there is a 20-point evaluation system. It is used, for example, by the magazine Decanter. Also, there is a 100-point system by Robert Parker, which used by the guide Wine Spectator. Points awarded by professional tasters according to certain rules. If the wine has 85 points, it will be good. And if less than 70, it is worth looking for other options.(Look at too)

But it is worth considering that many wines are not in the world ratings. It’s not a lack of quality, but the underdevelopment of the market. In addition, the wine for 100 points may appeal to you less than the wine at 90.

how to know good wine

  1. Remember that price is not always an indicator of quality

Wine costs differ significantly. It would be easier if the price served as an indicator of good taste – the more expensive, the better. But it is not so. The same wine can cost differently in two neighboring stores. The total value on the shelf is entirely up to the retailer.

  1. Another answer to your question how to know good wine is to look at the country of origin

Some countries have become a kind of brand. We used to think that France, Italy, Spain will not fail the quality of wine. But many French and Italian wines greatly overrated.

So, for export often goes not very good wine and high-quality wine Italians prefer to drink themselves. Often wines from Europe can be worse in quality than wines of the same price category from the New World. For example, in the US, cheap wine can be of the highest quality, because manufacturers can afford it.

  1. Remember that natural cork is not the main thing

Everybody considers that a good wine should be clogged with a natural stopper. It is a myth. Also, many believe that it is impossible to clog a bottle with a cork made of pressed cork or screw stopper.

how to know good wine

But the wine is much more influenced not by the technology, which made the cork, but how qualitatively it produced. Even very expensive wines can cloggy with a cork made of pressed crumbs. But every tenth natural cork, which many consider the best, will bring the cork in the bottle cork disease, which has not been learned yet.

Some manufacturers use plastic plugs, which have not any negative effect on the wine. A screw plug is an excellent solution for young wines which drunk within 3-5 years after production. Manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries moved to it.