10 skills that robots will never have.Jobs that robots will replace

In the future, robots could deprive many of us of work. Some abilities of a person can not overreach by machines. Jobs that robots will replace are many. It is impossible to replace humanity.

Robotics has been going on for a long time. Traditionally, low-paid and unskilled activities were automated. It improved the economic situation of people. Today the situation has changed.

According to a study by David Otor, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, computerization takes place in middle-class professions. Most of the jobs disappear in this segment. Algorithms have already learned to write news. And even art books, diagnose illnesses and drive cars. Different forecasts frighten us with the prospect of being out of work.

Do not panic.The nature of human activities is changing. To remain competitive in the labor market, you need to pay attention to skills that will be in demand in the conditions of automation.

  1. Comprehensive problem solving not included to the Jobs that robots will replace

In the future, it will be important not just to produce this or that volume of work. Environmental, ethical and social issues are becoming more relevant every year. And only people can answer them. Ability to set tasks and conditions for teams of people and robots with a comprehensive analysis of the situation. And various types of problems in any field of activity will be one of the main skills.

Jobs that robots will replace

  1. Critical Thinking

Objective and in-depth evaluation important in decision-making. Artificial intelligence can help people analyze data. To succeed in this, necessary to develop critical thinking.

  1. Creativity

Robots more often perform routine operations and complex calculations. Which opens up scope for creativity. The solution of creative tasks is not only in demand on the market. It brings satisfaction from implementation. Creative thinking inaccessible for machines.

  1. Management of people

Each company needs motivating leaders who create loyalty in the team. To work with people you need to have empathy, intuition and excellent communication skills. All these robots can not master.

  1. Coordination

Collaboration is the key to success in the world of the future. To create innovative products and achieve goals, teams must work together. Sometimes they will join by robots. Behind the person, will be a role of the coordinator of joint activity. In conditions of a high rate of work and the big competition. It is important to react quickly to unpredictable situations and to make non-standard decisions.

Jobs that robots will replace

  1. Emotional Intelligence

This type of intelligence includes knowledge and skills related to self-understanding, social interactions, and relationship management. Its development will positively affect all spheres of life, including professional activities.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help in navigating the labor market. And such skills as the ability to persuade. And create a comfortable atmosphere are extremely relevant in the modern world.

  1. Litigation and decision-making

These skills associated with critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Only human can be rational and listen to emotions. You need to learn to combine these two skills and not be afraid to make responsible decisions.

  1. Service Orientation

People automated part of the services market. In some professions it is simply necessary to anticipate people’s requests, to recognize and satisfy their needs. It is the fact that robots and computer programs learn to communicate. It is unusual for a person to truly trust them. Live communication is important here, which by definition is not available for automation.

  1. Negotiations

In the conduct of negotiations important not just to insist on one’s own. With the development of globalization and technological means of communication.People who are able to establish communication and carry out successful coordination for various projects will be more and more in demand.

Jobs that robots will replace

  1. Cognitive flexibility

Developing the flexibility of thinking, a person learns to adjust to the conditions of the environment and change the image of his judgments. This skill extremely important for working in conditions of uncertainty. One should not be afraid of change, be open to different cultures and points of view, and quickly respond to a change of situation. And most importantly – do not stop learning new things.

Mutually beneficial existence with robots and not competing for jobs looks like a bright future. For it, people need to understand their strengths, develop them and leave for machines what they really can perform more efficiently. Jobs that robots will replace become very less.