Job satisfaction Spector. Small victories that increase job satisfaction

Of course, to strive for greater goals is necessary. But on the way to them do not forget to celebrate and small Job satisfaction Spector victories.

1.Somebody praised you

When clients or colleagues praise you for the good job, be sure to note it somehow. Save positive messages and write down oral praise. Then you can use this list when you are thinking about asking for an increase in your salary or when you need to say your strengths in an interview.

  1. You reach your goals for a month

At the beginning of the month create for yourself mini goal which will inspire you during next 30 days. For example, develop new skills or expand your network of contacts by sending one new letter a day. The results of such kind of goals are easy to measure. It means you can easily determine that it’s time to rejoice in success.

  1. Told your opinion

It is very important for you to be heard. That’s why every time you made decision asked a question or shared with experience. It is also small Job satisfaction Spector victory.

Job satisfaction Spector

  1. Somebody asked for advice

If one of the colleagues came to you for advice, it means he respects your opinion. Hence, your contribution appreciated. Remind yourself of this when the next time you start to feel that you are not doing anything important.

  1. You were thanked

Gratitude from clients and colleagues always brings joy and pride to oneself. If you received a letter with gratitude, mark it or move it to a separate folder. Then you can return to it at a hard time. It will help to remember why you are doing your work.


  1. You avoided conflict

To argue and find out, for whom the last word will remain, is senseless and tiresome. So congratulate yourself, when you managed to get out of the situation with the help of emotional intelligence. Understand the intentions of the companion, show empathy and take your emotions under control.

  1. You found a way to work more productively

When you discover a productivity method that really helps you concentrate better and fewer distractions, give yourself a minute to enjoy it. Now you’re one step closer to doing all the things from your list for the day.

  1. You defended your rights

Not everyone has given this easily.  Be sure to congratulate yourself on such victories. Write down each case to keep track of your progress, and treat yourself to something delicious. Such a reward will help strengthen the habit of asserting one’s rights.

Job satisfaction Spector

  1. You spoke in front of colleagues

Speak in front of your team (even if only a few people in it) can be very exciting, especially when you do it the first time. But then you will feel as if your mountain has fallen off your shoulders. After all, after long planning and preparation, you finally shared your ideas.

  1. You have coped with a difficult task

Striking out a complicated task is always incredibly pleasant. Try to deal with such matters in the morning, then the rest of the day will go like clockwork.

  1. You are not afraid of your work

Many are very reluctant to go to work in the morning and wait for the end of the day to work all day. If this does not apply to you, this is an excellent occasion to celebrate. We spend 40 hours a week at work, or even more – be glad that you do not feel unhappy all this time.


  1. You helped someone

Maybe you supported your colleague and helped launch a project? Advised the client? Have contributed to the overall success by providing the necessary data? When we think not only about ourselves but about others, this is another small Job satisfaction Spector victory.