Ivanka Trump supported her father at a business meeting in the White House

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the president acted as a moderator at a business meeting.

First daughter” like Ivanka Trump calls the whole of America, echoing the” first lady “, increasingly supported his father for an important meeting.

This time she takes responsibility for the business conference which takes part last night at the White House. The main speaker at the event was the US president. His daughter communicated with guests and directed her father’s speech “in the right direction,”

Strangely enough, all attention during the business discussion focused on Ivanka Trump. It’s not just about her status as the president’s right hand, but also in impeccable taste.

Ivanka Trump

This time, Trump chose a laconic image, consisting of a long skirt of white, emphasizing the figure, a dark green top, and delicate beige high-heeled sandals.

In makeup, Ivanka Trump preferred classic hands, matte lipstick of a natural shade and radiant skin, hair she collected in a slightly careless stylish bundle.

Ivanka TrumpIvanka TrumpIvanka Trump