How to increase short term memory

Precisely, short-term memory allows us, without preparation, to answer complex questions, improvise and quickly assess the situation. It used to be that every person has a certain capacity of short-term memory. But the latest research in the field of cognitive sciences and psychology has proven that we can train it. gives you some tricks about how to increase short term memory.

What is a short term memory and why is it so important?

how to increase short term memory

It is a “reservoir” for short-term storage of thoughts and ideas that we can at any time extract and apply to make any decision.

When we need to answer the question without any preparation, short-term memory allows us to simultaneously speak and mentally draw up a plan for the following statements.

We also use it during reading. To understand the essence of the material, we need to remember what we have already read, and to connect it with the fact that we will read further.

In addition, short-term memory helps us to ignore unnecessary information, including everything that distracts us. But the ability to focus on a task is very important, especially nowadays.

All of us now suffer from an overabundance information from social networks and various alerts day and night require our attention. The brain has to make considerable efforts to determine what information to remember and which does not. All this causes anxiety and stress and further reduces the capacity of our memory.

How to increase short term memory

There are two ways.

First, reduce the number of distractions and thereby reduce the level of stress. It will have a positive impact not only in memory but also on all life spheres.

But sometimes it’s just impossible. We cannot foresee when the boss will demand an urgent report from us or when someone from close relatives falls ill. And, to tell the truth, we usually like the information variety, which is now online.

So, remains the second option – to develop and strengthen your short term memory.

How to train short-term memory

Training for the brain

During this training, you strain your short-term memory, watching a number of images and determining which image appeared earlier.

Studies have confirmed that such training helps to strengthen short-term memory.That’s just all the improvements are unstable. Short-term memory, like our muscles, requires constant training. Researchers recommend allocating for this 25 minutes daily.


how to increase short term memory

Meditation not only helps to lower blood pressure and alleviate the symptoms of depression but also strengthens our short-term memory. The researchers suggest that it happens due to the fact that meditation affects the ability to focus on one thought and ignore the rest.

In one study, found that, after 8 days of regular meditation, short-term memory of students improved significantly compared with those who did not participate in the experiment. It is not necessary to meditate for a long time, only 8 minutes a day will be enough.


Physical exercises allow you to maintain healthy not only the body but also the brain. It was confirmed by Teresa Liu-Ambrose of the University of British Columbia. She has long been investigating the relationship between physical strength and psychological stability, especially in older people. According to Liu-Ambroz, those who regularly performed strength training, short-term memory and attention were better than those who preferred aerobic training.

If you are still closer to the aerobic type of physical activity, do not worry: running and swimming also have a positive effect on our cognitive functions. Just add to your usual workouts such exercises as the deadlift and squats.

The researchers found that those who sleep for 8 hours, 58% better perform tasks associated with the use of short-term memory.

Use these methods to keep the reaction speed in any situation.