In Instagram found spilled Princess Jasmine from the Disney cartoon

Beauty did not do any plastic surgery

We all know the Disney cartoon “Aladdin” (1992), and hardly anyone will disagree that the main character, Jasmine Disney princess, is a real beauty. One girl, it seems, turned out to be incredibly similar to her. Her name is Olja Mia Noel. She is a model, singer R’n’B, the jewelry designer, lives in New York and looks like the “revived” heroine Jasmine Disney princess of the popular cartoon.

Her photo in Instagram in the image of Jasmine Disney princess scored more than 146 thousand “likes”, and the video, which 23-year-old girl and her “Aladdin” perform the famous song from the cartoon (The Whole New World), viewed more than 233 thousand times. It is noteworthy that for the reincarnation Noel had only to pick up a suitable outfit and decorations.

By the way, Noel is not the only example of successful reincarnation. Another American, 26-year-old Sara Ingle from Colorado, reincarnates not in one, but in 9 Disney princesses.

The girl spent more than 14 thousand dollars on the costumes of Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Merida (“Braveheart”), Elsa (“Cold Heart”), Sofia (“Sofia Fair”) and within the Princess Ever After project On weekends visits children’s hospitals and makes kids happy with performances.