How we can change our life. Life changing.

There are a lot of books and articles about how we can change our life and promise to teach us to be happy. But to read them all, we need a lot of time. This article will take a couple of minutes, but the effect will be staggering.



I am not happy. Change something in your life. Or change yourself.

What can I change? Anything. Choose one thing and start acting.

My head is spinning. Take a deep breath. Try to change at least something which you can control.

Maybe I’ll be happier if I have more money? Yes, but only to some extent.

But is there anything more important than money? The time that we spend with those who are dear to us. The time that we spend on something that is important to us. Do not forget that you can not return lost time.


I do not have time for anything. So, you have wrong priorities.

But you have so much to do. Do less. More often say “no.”

But I have to do it … If you do not want to say “Oh yes!” To some suggestion, say “No”.

But X can be offended if I say no. It does not concern you. It’s better to give up than go somewhere against your will.

But now is not the right time. There will be no suitable moment. If you always wait for it, you will not do anything. And then you will reproach yourself for not starting earlier.


How to make a good first impression? Look in the eyes. Smile. Speak slowly. Be confident in yourself. Dress neatly.

Should I invite him/her on a date? Yes.

But what if they refuse me? You will not lose anything.

What can I say? “Hello, you are very beautiful/beautiful (interesting/interesting). My name is … can I buy you a cup of coffee?

how we can change our life

We have a difficult relationship. Parted.

If you want to find the answer to the question how we can change our life no need think about these questions.

But what if I never meet anyone better? What if you meet someone much, much better? What if you get busted tomorrow?

They left me, and my heart broke. But in fact, it still beats. Hence, not everything is lost.

And now what?


It’s all so complicated. We know! If it was easy, everyone would be happy for a long time.

But I cannot … Stop limiting yourself to such thoughts. You can not do anything until you do it.

It will not help me. Okay! Continue to live as you are now.

But I am dissatisfied with my present life. If you always do the same thing, naturally, the result will remain the same. We either grow and change, or die

When do I start? Right now.