How to find open casting calls?

Do you have a resume? Do you have portrait photos (Headshot)? You know your type and what role you could play.

Now you need a chance to prove your abilities in this statement. One of the depressing real facts of this business, especially for beginners, is that the role does not come to the actors: the actors have to go for roles. The only way to get the role – it is listening and listening again! To get into the industry the actor must look for opportunities themselves. Most actors have agents who make them the search, but even in the presence of the agent, the actors should also continue to look for auditions.

How beginner actors find a role that makes them a celebrity? How to find open casting calls? We all need to start somewhere. And to everyone’s convenience on the Internet every day, hundreds of ads are placed on the casting. Some of the resources are not free, but there are many free sites. You just need to know where to look.

The chargeable resources.

The best website to find auditions in the US is Since 1960, they remain in the reputation “the website of the auditions, you can trust”, and are leaders in the business.

How to find open casting callsThey spread daily announcements about auditions for film and theatre, as well as auditions for singers and dancers all over the country, including both studio and independent projects. The trouble only in the fact that the service is paid: $ 19.95 with a monthly payment or $ 11.66 per month for those who are willing to pay for the year ahead. In addition to casting, they have spread in a site, different articles with useful tips for actors and a lot of other valuable information.

Another useful source is similar to Casting Networks. Their website is distributed to casting directors to find new faces, and also offers a monthly subscription. Actors who have agents that can create a basic account are free of charge if they have a valid code from their agencies. For actors without agents offered various options for accounts on different budgets and needs. At the moment, the basic registration costs $ 25 a year, and then you can add the options you need for an extra fee. Perhaps this is the best platform for the actors’ agent, although those who do not, can find an agency through the website, but once again draw attention to the fact that it will charge.

Cost-free resources

How to find open casting calls free? Free bulletin board for casting, as a rule, there is no information about the paid projects, but they can be a good starting point for novice actors. Look at the Facebook groups that exist in your city, or ask around at your fellow actors, which groups they use. Craigslist – is the platform’s which reputation is a little weaker than Facebook, but sometimes there you can find a real treasure. On Craigslist actors can seek work in two basic sections: «Jobs», sub «TV/film/video»; and «Gigs», sub-categories «talent». You can find there standing ads, but be careful, knowing that you have a chance to run into scams and ads “for adults”.

Never send more personal information. Trust your opinion about the ad. Information about the organization and professionalism which drafted at the announcement of the casting- is good parameters having an opinion about the project as a whole.How to find open casting calls

Contact the media to find a job

Actors can know about the casting, not only from online sources. In such schools, as the New York Film Academy teaches not only the actors but also directors, screenwriters, producers, cameramen, whom you can always ask for advice or learn about upcoming auditions.

Film schools – it’s a great environment for the search of professional contacts. Look for among the students of other faculties of those who may be interested in cooperation.

It does not matter how you learned about the casting. It is important to gain professional reputation. Believe it or not, but establishing a connection with your current project – is the best way to find a job in the future. Behave professionally and politely, and always be prepared, then the casting directors, producers, and directors will come to you again and again.

If you interested in with this question “How to find open casting calls?”, we hope with above gave information was helpful to you.