How to escape from stress? Stress Management.

Training on stress management consistently among the top ten most demanded. Most of them represent a mix collected by the author of the training based on his preferences and personal experience. Because both specialists are different, then, going to training in stress management, can rarely guess with what will encounter: with relaxation techniques and visualizations, physical work, cognitive…

How to escape

The purpose of this article, which introduces you, is- to make a “map of the stress management techniques”, if not complete, but it includes the main directions, which, the open training sessions held on.

Closer to the body

Liberation through the body – historically one of the first directions, which, however, survived a couple of reincarnations. Dating back to the Eastern meditative practices and health, and in the west “read” – to autogenously training according to Schulz and self-hypnosis for Cue.

The theoretical rationale is simple: the indispensable “companion” is a stress voltage of a particular group of muscles. And since the relaxation and tension – two things, as they say, incompatible, the ability to relax and have a way to cope with stress. Business for small: to learn how to manage stress/relaxation of the muscles in conditions which this, to put it mildly, do not contribute.How to escape

A few months of regular exercise, such as yoga or Qi Gong – and you will be able to remain calm in many difficult situations, typical of stress: public speaking, examination, criticism of the chief, etc. But for many, regular, persistent exercise – unless it is our way. ?! Skill relaxation quickly and successfully assimilated in special classes in autogenic training.

Many businesspersons, especially businesswomen hesitate body work. Implying that the person you see for the first time (especially if it is of the opposite sex), will touch various parts of the body, massaging them, stretch … I would like to reassure ” touchy “: the work of the training takes place in an atmosphere that all interactions are perceived as friendly, partnership, without sexual coloration. So there is nothing to be afraid of, and benefit big.


You do not need special abilities to imagine, if you are lying in a deckchair on the beach under your feet splashing the warm sea and the breeze gently blowing your shoulders … Did you imagine? Stress has left! Seriously, the unconscious does not distinguish game of imagination from, information from the reality, therefore guided visualization – the powerful tool for stress management.

Woe from Wit

How to find adherents techniques based on cognitive-behavioral concepts A. Beck and A. Ellis. The scheme is simple: we get into some kind of situation, we will evaluate (ie, something to think about it, gives it a certain value..), We experience emotions that are not connected with the facts, and our assessment of them. “Weak” link – the second. Here we make mistakes arising from social stereotypes, education and so on. N. Therefore, our reaction (stress!) Corresponds to the situation not exactly.How to escape

What to do? Change the assessment of the facts. First, catch the thoughts that arise spontaneously in the head – they called automatic. Record them (at first it is obligatory), to refute and replace it with more appropriate. Then, consequently, change emotions – stress and defeated.

List wacky automatic thoughts headed idea that “I have to do everything perfectly,” “I have to always be right,” “I need all the love”, “I am the best,” and other “useful” wisdom.

Then – independent work, do not escape anywhere. It is necessary alone a considerable amount of time to scroll in the head a difficult situation and its new thoughts about it. If the hit was precise – the mechanism works smoothly, it descends insight (insight), “alignment” is changing – and the sufferer a sigh of relief.