How to convince people’s mind

These tricks will help to conquer even the most intractable companion. You will not think about How to convince people’s mind.

  1. Use powerful words

Convincing speech consists of from words which cause a response. This method always used in the advertisement.

Just imagine that you need to sell somebody car insurance service. You can tell that every day on the road happens thousand crash or accidents.

But it is better to use this phrase ” Every day on the roads dies, a thousand people” or ” Every day thousands of road accidents ends in death”

Death – a stronger word than the accident

  1. Try to look decent, but not arrogantly

Pleasant appearance disposes, but it can also serve poor service. The danger is as follows: a person dressed better than others feel strength and often begins to behave indulgently. And it repels.

how to convince people’s mind

Do not forget that person you are trying to convince a priori higher than you. He has got a right to say “NO”. That’s why try to look good, but don’t try to look better than others.

3. Focus on the future

Firstly, the phrase such ” We will” or ” We will do it” roots idea in the mind of the person that it will happen really. Secondly, the design to use future times gives him convenience that you will keep your promise.

But here it is important to know the measure. Do not be too intrusive and do not make a decision for others. Will be better to concentrate on the opportunities and positive effects of this solution. If you will use this trick then you can find the answer to the question How to convince people’s mind?

  1. Select the appropriate communication channel

If you want to persuade someone, you need to make the conversation comfortable for the interlocutor. So find out how exactly he prefers to communicate: in person, by phone or email. In this way, you will increase his loyalty and your chances of success.

how to convince people’s mind

5. Speak in the language of the interlocutor

A simple truth: people are more likely trust those who are like them, who they understand. Therefore, your task – to adjust to the interlocutor. He does not use jargon. Hence, you should not. Is she joking? You, too, need to show a sense of humor.

This rule applies to non-verbal communication. If a person is actively gesticulating, then you also need to be alive and open. If he chooses closed poses, it’s worth to be more reserved.

6. Do not foul your speech.

Every time you say “uh-uh” or “ah-ah,” you lose the trust of the interlocutor.

Remember, it has to be clear and uncluttered.

The best ways to do it is to train at home and think about your words a second before you say them.

  1. Choose the right time

Another answer to your question How to convince people’s mind – is the right moment. To do this, you again have to study a person, analyze his life and schedule.

For example, many busy executives are overwhelmed with work at the beginning of the week. On Friday they are already mentally retiring from work. So Thursday could be the best time to convince them.

  1. Repeat the thought of interlocutor

By simple repetition, you show the person that you are listening and understanding him. At the same time, you can express your position, for example, saying: “If I understand correctly, you consider it important because of A and B. I heard it and I think that C and D”. The phrase works perfectly and without using the alphabet.

how to convince people’s mind

  1. Train your emotions

You should naturally develop enthusiasm and excitement during the course of the conversation. Immediately attacking a person, throwing your emotions to him, you can suppress or push him away.

It is better to begin a conversation in optimist and relaxed note and after it little by little comes to the details, showing more emotions and enthusiasm of ideas. In this way, you will look natural and can infect your companion with your experiences.