How to control our mind and thoughts.

Scientists found that it is possible to become more focused and sensible, just looking at a certain type of pictures. introduces you tricks about how to control our mind and thoughts.
Researchers from Israel find that images on which cold landscapes imprinted allow people to enhance cognitive control. And it, in turn, helps them better solve various problems.
For the experiment how to control our mind and thoughts, scientists divided the subjects into two groups. The first showed pictures related to the summer, and the second – with the winter. All of them were asked to imagine themselves inside the proposed landscapes, and then carry out the task: to look in the opposite direction from the moving object. Cope with it is not easy because the eyes automatically focus on the object of the movement.

However, those who before this looked at the “cold” images, passed the test more successfully.

Researchers note that the contemplation of warm landscapes relaxes a person, and cold ones – makes you alert and makes you activate your brain. We must say that direct exposure to temperature causes a similar reaction. But the fact that, just looking at the cold, you can become more concentrated, amazing.

how to control our mind and thoughts

So the next time you need to cope with a difficult task or just calm down the ardor of emotion, try to look at some winter image. Suddenly it will work.