How to apply perfume correctly. The 3 main mistakes we make when applying perfume.

How to use perfume so that the fragrance lasted a long time and was pleasant to you and others. How to apply perfume correctly?

Using perfume or toilet water, we often make the same mistakes:

  • We put them not in the right place;
  • We pour too much perfume on ourselves;
  • Rub the perfume into the skin after applying.

How to apply perfume correctly?

Perfume a complicated thing. Aromatic oils which included into its composition should be absorbed into the skin and mixed with substances that produce sebaceous glands.

Getting on the skin, the smell of perfume begins to transform into a unique aroma for everyone.

If you apply perfume on clothes, there will be no contact with the skin and the fragrance will not open.

How to apply perfume correctly

For the same reason, it is worth to forget the popular advice to sprinkle perfume into the air and enter the fragrant cloud: if you dressed, nothing good will happen.

It is very important where you apply the perfume. The ideal place for applying perfume is- between neck and chest. And it is not forbidden to get on both these parts of the body. By the way, men with hairy chest, in this case, are in the winning position.

Aromatic oils which get on the hair, not immediately absorb into the skin, therefore, the perfume lasts longer.

As for the quantity, then there is only one rule: the less, the better.

The fragrance of your perfume should be barely noticeable to others, and not knock them down a few meters away.

After you have applied perfume, do not rub it. It should not absorb as a cream. On the contrary, it should remain on the surface of the skin and react with its upper layer. If you start to rub it, you will spoil the fragrance.

How to apply perfume correctly

Apply fragrance on the wrists, as they serve as a pulse point and area of enhanced heat to further amplify the scent.

For those who are expressive talkers, give the backs of hands a gentle dab with the fragrance, to get your perfume noticed in transit.

How to apply perfume correctly to your body? You will want to be at least 5-7 inches away from your chest/body. Point the nozzle in the direction of your body. If your skin gets wet from the spray, you are holding it too closely.