Why happens dependency on the phone and how to get over phone addiction

We spend about 3 hours a day with the phone. But the need to constantly keep the smartphone in your hands can be the first alarm bell, which will tell you that it’s time to change something in your life. How to get over phone addiction

How to get over phone addiction

Technologies that supposed to help, in fact, prevent us from living fully. And most of all problems from the phone, because we do not stay away from it for a minute. According to scientists, now we spend about 3 hours a day on the phone. And before the emergence of smartphones, it took us only 18 minutes.

“The scientists conducted the survey, asking people to choose what they would prefer: a broken phone or a fracture,” says Adam Alter. – It turned out that 46% of the participants opted for a fracture. The remaining 55% preferred their health, but it was clear that the choice was not easy for them. ”

How occurs dependence on the phone and how to get over phone addiction

Dependence is not connected with pleasure, otherwise, we literally would be addicted to chocolate. Dependence arises when we try to remove psychological stress, cope with some problem.

Dependence often develops when in life there are some problems. For example, when we suffer from loneliness or can not change life for the better.

It does not matter what exactly you do to calm down: play a computer game or take drugs. From the point of view of physiology, behavior and drug dependence is very similar, “says Alter.

We live in an era of stress, and our phone calms us down. Some researchers even call a smartphone a pacifier for adults. He comforts us when we are annoyed, upset or when we are bored. But this is an unhealthy approach, because, over time, it only exacerbates the problem.

How to get over phone addiction

How to get over phone addiction

  1. Do not hold the phone close at hand

Try to change the environment: take away what is tempting you. Put the phone back so that it was not easy to reach it. It’s best to leave it on the other side of the room. This is much more effective than keeping the phone next to you and experiencing the strength of will for strength.

When you still need to have the phone with you, turn off all unnecessary alerts. And those applications in which you usually sit for a long time, collect in one folder and hide away.

  1. Help yourself to stop

Has it ever happened to you that you took a phone for a minute, and then it turned out that you flew unnoticed for an hour? While we check for updates in social networks, new messages are coming. All this repeats in a circle. Scientists call this state a game loop. It usually occurs when we play slot machines.

We are drawn into a state of artificial serenity. To stay in it, we repeat the same actions over and over again. We cannot stop until something distracts us and pulls us out of this state.

Adam Alter

Plan a similar distraction in advance. It should remind you that it’s time to stop and get you out of the state of rest. For example, the countdown timer is suitable. Before you go to any application or social network, put a timer. When the alarm sounds, put the phone down.

  1. Do not try to get rid of the bad habit, but replace it

When you sit down on the sofa, make sure that the phone is away from you, and there is a book at hand. As soon as you feel like sitting on the phone, take a book and start reading. So you will gradually replace the bad habit, from which you want to give up, good.

It’s okay if you’re not at home and you do not have a book with you. Think of another habit. For example, after scrolling the tape in Instagram, remove the application from the phone. Then the next time you want to go into it, you have to install it again.

But your favorite application for reading, leave it on the main screen. Without thinking of picking up the phone, you are more likely to spend time with benefit.

Finally, if you again thinking about the question how to get over phone addiction, then maybe next step will help you.

Dependencies usually develop if there is a problem in life. So the constant need to check the phone can be the first alarm bell, which tells you that it’s time to change something.

You are much less chance to become addicted to something if you live a full life and maintain good relationships with loved ones.

How to get over phone addiction

Adam Alter

If you want to get rid of the habit of sitting on the phone, spend more time with close people.

If you are reading it from your smartphone, write to someone important to you. Make an appointment. And then take the phone away.