Gwen Stefani confessed in love Blake Shelton

The artist dedicated song, to his beloved.

Recently a new single, Blake Shelton with the telling name “Guy With A Girlie” took first place of the American country music charts, which could not but be a cause for pride beloved musician. In particular, Gwen Stefani is not only published in his Twitter message, “You are real?”, Accompanied by the hashtag #happytobenextto, #everybodylovesSB #guywiththegirl,#1, but also changed the picture for their profile image boyfriend hung his festive lights.

Gwen Stefani


It is worth mentioning that he dedicate the new song to her, repeatedly noting in his recent interview that Gwen is his main muse: “I am happy to be with this person. Believe me, if she is now with me in the studio, all the attention was focused only to Gwen. This is what my song “, – admitted Shelton.

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Let us remind that musicians met on the set of the American version of “The Voice” program in mid-2015. Then both the artist experienced a break with their former lovers, and very supportive of each other. In October of the same year, they announced their relationship official.

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