Style lessons from Jennifer Lopez. Good date outfits


As soon as in the life of Jennifer Lopez appeared sexy baseball player Alex Rodriguez, the singer again blossomed. Each new output of the pair of a master class on images for romantic dates. Let’s take from J. Lo style good date outfits lesson.



Lesson №1: BE DIRECTLY

good date outfits

For one of the first dates with Alex, Jennifer chose a bright, long skirt with an abstract pattern, scarlet shoes, a plain white T-shirt and a voluminous bag in color. Jennifer Lopez did not use any jewelry at all, and the singer gathered hair in a tight bundle. This image perfect for a romantic date: it emphasizes her spontaneity, self-irony, her readiness to open, but alludes to all the most interesting things ahead. The final touch is a natural makeup: fluffy eyelashes, slightly drawn eyebrows, a slight blush, and a matte luster on the lips.

Lesson №2: make surprises

good date outfits




A classic flesh-colored coat is always a safe option for good date outfits. But to dilute its stiffness, choose a bright short dress with long sleeves that will pay attention to the legs, but leave a riddle – so that the imagination of the potential lover worked. Casual high-heeled shoes with a dark green hue, a handy bag, and slightly carelessly collected hair will make him think that you still did not try too hard to impress, but the large rings in your ears completely confuse – or did you try?

LESSON 3: Open little by little

good date outfits4




Jennifer knows for sure that sometimes you need to cheer him up. For example, wear a suit of red color. But not quite the usual: let the strip of abdomen and shoulders to be exposed. And again, no small handbags, beads of restrained beige color, pearl earrings, collected hair and aviator glasses. It is bright but appropriate: they say, you can look at me, but I’m not ready for intimacy yet.

LESSON №4: Sexuality in simplicity

good date outfits6


Lopez likes to emphasize her figure, but on dates with Alex, she does it very delicately and correctly. This time for good date outfits, she chose a narrow feminine gown of soft blue and a light raincoat in tone, and a soft shade of clothing softened with bag and shoes. In this image, she feels comfortable, which means, sexual: after all, nothing makes us more attractive than naturalness.




Lesson №5: Elegance – Doesn’t mean to be Boring

good date outfits8

Elegant total black can be harmless and not aggressive at all if you choose the right combination. You can underline Black long raincoat with a leather thin waist at the waist, grab a small purse on the chain and take a risk – choose open sandals instead of classic shoes. Volumetric tail, nude make-up and pearl earrings – and one more ideal image for a date are ready.