Gianluca Vacchi,The Dancing Millionaire has a new novel

In early July, the press reported that Gianluca Vacchi, known as the Dancing Millionaire, and his wife, Georgia Gabriel, parted.

Gianluca and Georgia had not published joint photos and videos on social networks for a long time this fact confirmed the situation. The millionaire had been seen in the company the Vice-Miss Universe-2015 Ariadne Gutiérrez.

The model shared on Instagram her picture with Gianluca Vacchi, which sparked talk about their novel. The other day the millionaire indirectly confirmed them, published several photos with Gutierrez.

The 49-year-old millionaire and the 23-year-old model are spending their holidays together. Lovers share with the subscribers a photo, where they sunbathe and have fun on the yacht.

Ariadne Gutierrez knew not simply as Vice Miss Universe. A model from Colombia is the same girl who, in 2015, host Steve Harvey mistakenly called the winner of the contest. Later it turned out that Ariadne took second place. The winner was Miss Philippines Pia Alonso.

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