Four-morning procedures that improve health.

 For a man who every day in the morning going to work, it is important to wake up refreshed and ready for the working day. In fact, each of us from time to time has difficulty with this, at first glance, a simple matter. On the condition of the body after a night of rest influence the weather, accumulated over several days fatigue, household and service problems, sleep quality, and many other factors.

Sometimes a man after sleep feels sluggish, and his mood is poor. Such a condition can badly affect not only the production results but also on physical health: morning sickness often provokes a weakening of the body’s defenses. However, do not despair. There are several proven ways to cheer up and quickly put himself in order before the working day. Let’s get acquainted with the most famous morning procedures.

  1. Massaging earlobes and scalp.Massaging earlobes and scalp

Rub your fingers earlobes without getting out of bed. This procedure activates located on the ears acupuncture points and help to wake up. After recovery useful to make a light scalp massage. It should make the fingers or moderately stiff brush massage. It promotes a rush of blood to the head, which tone and improves mood.

  1. Cleaning our tongue.

Cleaning our tongueThe fact that regular cleansing of the language is necessary for the health, which people know a long time. This procedure recommended by ancient doctors to their patients. The fact that plaque, which accumulates on the surface of the tongue, contain large amounts of pathogens, which fall into the digestive tract and provoke the development of pathologies. Moreover, tongue coating often causes an unpleasant odor, which irritates the others and can interfere with normal communication. Tongue cleaning which special scraper or adapted for this purpose, the back surface of the toothbrush. The purification carried out in the direction of the distal portion of the tongue to the teeth, at the end should rinse your mouth with clean water several times.

It is an extremely useful addition to the tongue cleaning procedure is chewing herbs. Well suited for this peppermint, which is now readily available in the store or grows from seed in a flowerpot. Enough to chew and swallow after cleaning teeth and tongue small leaf of this plant to the mouth for a long time remained a wonderful flavor and sensation of freshness.

  1. Drink a glass of hot water.

morning procedures After a night’s, sleep very important to restore the water-salt balance. Most easily done with the help of hot water with lemon. The drink helps prepare the stomach for the morning meal, normalizes the digestive tract, promote its cleansing, and saturates the body with vitamins. To prepare it, you need to heat a glass of filtered water almost to a boil and put in it a slice of lemon (you can squeeze a small amount of lemon juice).

It is good to drink the remedy in small sips for 20 minutes before breakfast. Water with lemon juice, not only invigorating but also heals. It believed that regular intake of the drink prevents overeating and helps improve metabolism, thus contributing to the normalization of weight.

  1. Eat honey before breakfast.

Many experts recommend that every morning for 10 minutes before breakfast, eat a teaspoon of honey, washed down with a few sips of water it. Contained in honey glucose and fructose activates brain activity, help quickly focus on everyday problems. In addition, honey rich in substances that enhance the immune system, which, slows down the process of aging and get rid of the body by pathogenic microorganisms. It is important to remember that the daily intake of honey contraindicated for persons suffering individual intolerance to bee products and allergic reactions.

Morning procedures, which introduced you are simple and pleasant, don’t require large expenditures of time and preparation. However, it should be noted that the effectiveness of these measures depends directly on the regularity. Accustomed to spending their day, you will feel in a few weeks that morning awakening is no longer a problem and the willingness to work there as if by itself. You will only need to maintain overall body tone joyfully greet each new day.

Do you use in daily life above mentioned morning procedures?