Why do I feel so lazy and tired and what to do with it?

This simple guide will help you understand the question why do I feel so lazy and tired? And set yourself in the working mood.

Laziness or procrastination?why do I feel so lazy and tired

Firstly, let’s talk about the laziness and procrastination, as sometimes these concepts equalize.

Laziness – the lack of desire to act, to work, the inclination to idleness.

Procrastination – the tendency to a permanent postponement, even the important and urgent cases, which leads to the life problems and painful psychological effects (“Wikipedia“).

If we translate the concept into a more understandable language, then immediately see the difference. Laziness – the unwillingness to do anything, and procrastination – delaying, with frequent here also apply switching attention to time wasters like surfing the Internet or social networks. We are going to give the answer to the question why do I feel so lazy and tired and how to overcome it.

Most cases, laziness a consequence of the problem. We will understand what reasons can lead to it.

Why are we lazy

No interest in affairs

Often refers to domestic, household routine, interaction with government agencies and banks, boring tasks at work. Remember: in the school, you easily proceeded to the lessons in subjects that you like, and delayed or do not do boring for you. You are older and approach remains the same.

No energy

Question not only the physical, but also the emotional energy. If you get tired at work or on the road, then how do we get the forces for a normal life, with its cycle of events?

No goals and understanding why you need to do something

This problem is most common. For example, you are offered to participate in the new project. Prospects are not defined, allowances are not expected, and in daily activities, you do not want to waste time on such a project.

Is it possible not to be lazy when there are at least one of the following reasons? Yes, it right guide to laziness!

why do I feel so lazy and tired

What to do with it

Note: we will solve the problems with the third rather than the first.

If there are no goals and understanding why you need to do something

Define goals

Even if you do not want to engage in planning, to sum up, and so on, do it just for the fighting against laziness. Write, from what burning eyes. What causes joy and anticipation quickly begin? Write about what gives energy. Give yourself a day to write goals, take your time, and leave time for laziness.

Deselect unnecessary

After drawing up a list of goals, take a pen and highlight the goals that come up and not want to achieve you. For example, mother taught you to meet husband from work with a hot meal, but actually, for him, it is not necessary, and you do not want to have such a vital installation.

why do I feel so lazy and tired

Check all similar goals in the list. Do not hurry, think about where the target appeared, whom this idea.

Clean the head

If you at least once did parsing of the wardrobe, then you know the feeling of relief when all unnecessary, inappropriate, broken things are no longer cargo, and disappear from life. And all that remains – sits perfectly suited for cut and color for you. The same work will conduct with the goals.

All unnecessary and unimportant goal is to remove or reshape for yourself.

For example, the same homes bustle: determine what result you want. Change the bar to that comfort level where the goal is no longer frightening.

Every day freshly prepared dinner at 19:00 and wet cleaning “can be replaced by” cleaning as needed and cook dinner three times a week, leaving a portion of the next day or ordering food delivery. ” Those goals and objectives, which will remain, and should be carried out.

If there is no power

why do I feel so lazy and tired

Determine what time of day you are more productive and how much time you need to sleep when you need to do certain routine tasks. Accordingly, compose your schedule so keeping a time to rest.

Every day you should have private time to reload. If it seems that it is not, review the plans again – it just seems to you. Without quality rest any business, you will not be able to do. If you will do all these things you will find the answer your question why do I feel so lazy and tired

If there is no interest in the works

This item, often irrelevant if done all of the above. Because you have left things that you really enjoy, for example cleaning. And then there comes a time for another little rule.

On the way to achieve the most important, the most desired goal, some tasks are routine and a bit boring.