Most time we blame other people for our failure. We are never thinking of that this failure might be the foundation and cause for our future success.

Could failure lead to success?

Yes, but it does not mean that our every failure have to have success. But the more time our previous mistake leads it. However, Laurie Johnson decided to create such unusual crutch the light of her own personal tragedy. August 2002, during a plane accident, she lost her son and husband, but, only Laura stays alive. However, according to serious interference in the leg, he remains crippled. Despite the constant surgical interventions, doctors could not raise Johnson fully. She begins to use an uncomfortable crutch. Then, after Laura has become a little bit good she decided to paint hers crutch and make certain changes.

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The idea has become so successfully that’s why many people have begun to ask where she had gotten such kind of crutch. After numerous appeals, Johnson decided to open business producing own design crutch and orthopaedic products. Firstly “Lemon Aid Crutches” orthopaedic products were painted with dye and then covered with bright fabric. Laurie told that own design products create smiles on her face and separates from depression. The woman who has lost his family gathered the strength, besides creating own business also set up “Step with Hope” charity company.
Charity organisation receives 50% of profits from the sale of crutches. “Lemon Aid Crutches” products are made from high-quality aluminium and available in 3 sizes – small, medium, and high.

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In history has always achieved success with new and creative ideas, and sometimes failures lead success. We could pull out results from our mistakes. Only in this way, we could write own success history.

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