everything depends on you

                              Everything depends on your approach!

In France, the person appointed to investigate opinion employees about their hard work dispatched to the construction place. He approaches the worker and asks:

What do you do?”

“Are you blind? –the worker shouting nervously” try to break with a simple tool this splitting impossible rocks and collect as ordered the boss. Staying bloody sweat in the hell heat. This is a very difficult work, worse than death. ”

Researcher rapidly moves from there and timidly gives the same question a second worker. Worker answer:

Trying to figure rocks for placing in an appropriate manner according to the architect plan. It is heavy and monotonous work, but I must earn money for my family. As a result, I have job and situation could have been worse.

Somewhat encouraged man asks the same question to the third worker.everything depends on you

“Don’t see? – Worker hands up to the sky and tells- building a church”

The most interesting part of this history is that the three workers doing the same job. The way you choose to see depends on you. Today it is cloudy or slightly sunny. Do roses have thorn or flowers of thorny branches? Now it depends on your approach. Decide what you want to see.

Never forget that,everything depends on you!