Ethical leadership activities and daily rules of leaders

Good leaders listen to the opinion of employees, learn from them. They try to be useful for the entire team. There are several ethical leadership activities and rules which guide them at work.

  1. Listen more than speak

If a person speaks very much, then this is a possible sign of self-doubt. A good leader gives feedback to employees. Because of opinion employees really interesting for him. He asks them interesting questions that make one think and understand the essence of the matter more deeply. How does it work? You like it? What lesson did you learn from this? What do you need to do it even better?

The ethical leadership activities show that each of them important for the well-coordinated work of the company. In addition, he receives new useful information.

ethical leadership activities

  1. Listen to the opinions of others about their work

A true leader can not support the team’s working mood without knowing his opinion about his methods of leadership. He should constantly be interested in whether they are satisfied with the staff and what they would like to change. He realizes that it is necessary for coherent and effective work.

  1. Good leaders interested in whether their behavior causes confidence in others


If you want to develop your leadership skills, you need to behave so that people trust you. It is very important for a good leader that employees can address him on important issues. Confidence is the openness, care, and honesty of the boss.

  1. They want to improve the lives of their employees

A true leader should not be guided only by own interests. He worries about his employees and puts their needs first. He creates a strong and united team.

To increase your credibility in the eyes of employees, you need to ask yourself: what is the only thing I can do today that they feel comfortable in the workplace and love their work?

  1. Recognize their mistakes

    ethical leadership activities

Arrogance, insolence and ignoring the opinions of others – qualities from which the leader must get rid. Everyone has the right to own point of view. The leader of even a large organization can make mistakes. That’s why we need a team to exchange ideas and help each other.

Recognizing your mistakes is not a weakness. On the contrary, employees will respect such a leader. Because it is much more important to carry out the task correctly than to be always right

6.Firmly uphold their position

A good leader must have a strong character. This quality is necessary to make smart decisions when the company faces serious tests. He should not depart from his principles. A real leader must always act conscientiously, without trying to deceive himself or his employees