What is emotional intelligence and why important to develop it since childhood

Victoria Shimansky author of the book about the development of emotional intelligence in children talks on what role EQ plays in a person’s life and how to develop it with the help of special exercises.

emotional intelligence

We want to see ourselves and our children to be successful and happy. But we often forget that between these concepts impossible put an equal sign. You can be successful, but at the same time constantly feel unhappy. And you can constantly have difficulties in education or career, but relate to them not as a tragedy but as a step forward.

Why are emotions important?

Life is 10% consist of from the fact that happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

The modern world is full of stressful situations that are difficult to overcome even for adults, not to mention the children. They do not understand and do not know what emotions are experiencing at any moment. How to manage them, so distorted imagine what is going on. This leads to neurosis, apathy and other depressive states.

Excessive demands of teachers, parental self-realization through a child, suggestion a little personality, the importance victories and superiority (many parents want to be winners) – all these very heavy weight for fragile children’s shoulders. The heavier weight, the more important to deal with the feelings and experiences of the child.

Even in adulthood, we see that people who cannot control emotions occur troubles in all areas of life, including in career.

When a person covered by negative emotions and cannot objectively evaluate the feelings, desires, and opportunities, provided a devastating effect.

To spoil relations with others, a person loses faith in himself, his strength and his professionalism, becomes irritable, more, becomes entangled in feelings. And then the question arises: “What level of emotional intelligence, he has?”

emotional intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) takes responsible for the detection and correct interpretation of emotions. It gives to the person psychological flexibility and the ability to interact effectively with the outside world.

How to develop emotional intelligence since childhood?

The most important thing in the life of any child – parental love. Love your child, show him tenderness and care. Haptic communication mother and the child doesn’t lose its significance and for children over the age of infancy.

Love allows a person to feel protected and confident. This is a solid foundation for the successful development of the personality.

Show your child a real example, what joy is. Perhaps it is the smell of a cake? Maybe the bell? A friendship?  Do you have a friendship with hugs? If not, then how it looks like in your imagination?

Build around a child’s colorful and vibrant world where every emotion and feeling has its color, aroma, and taste. So you will not only open the door to the child in the world of emotions but also get close to him, will further strengthen the trust between you.

Work on emotional intelligence in childhood – the key to successful development and well-being in the future.

Most likely, such a child as an adult will be able to avoid most of the psychological problems that today we are facing the modern society.

emotional intelligence

Exercises to develop mindfulness

Emotional Diary

Learn to be aware of yourself here and now. Write every three hours the emotion, which experiencing at the moment. At the end of the day highlight the prevailing emotion and think about it.

After a couple of weeks, you will learn to feel yourself in real time without any problems.

Exercise to improve self-esteem

What a luck!

Teach yourself to think positively, react to unpleasant experiences with the phrase: “What a luck!”. Such a reaction will be a surprise for others but will bring benefit to you. For enhancing the effect, you can use the phrase, “It’s so cool, because of …”. Why? Think about it.

We need to develop own merits and work on weaknesses.

emotional intelligence

Exercise to improve the adaptability

Finally – a well-known method Elevator Pitch – presentation of their business project for 30-60 seconds. Imagine that you are – it’s own business project. Begin to present yourself as vividly as possible, while remaining true to yourself.

To get started, use this template:

  1. How do I change the world for the better?

Each of these exercises will help you become a better emotional and psychological sense. But do not take the emotional intelligence as a universal key to success. Life is quite versatile. Therefore, Improve your mind, body, soul, and love yourself. After all, the only thing that is power to us in this world – is ourselves.