Which easiest pet to own if you rarely spend time at home

If you 8-12 hours lost at work, with the choice of a pet your approach must be particularly serious. Recentmagazine.com tells you which easiest pet to own if you rarely spend time at home and which of them poorly tolerate the loneliness.


easiest pet to own

The main thing for a dog – to be near to his master. Unfortunately, most of us are forced to leave the pets at least eight hours a day, and even on all 12.

Some dogs carry loneliness easy, others howl, bark and destroy the apartment. They do this not out of spite or revenge, but from hopelessness and fear. If the animal each time thinking that you’re leaving forever, his despair no limit.

You can correct the behavior of the dog. For this taught god to the fact that owner definitely will return. Training takes place gradually: firstly, the owner goes and not far and for a short time. Teach the dog not to follow you, then leave a pet alone for a longer time.

This method helps to get rid of panic attacks during the absence of the owner but does not eliminate the root of the cause. If the dog not howling, not spoil the furniture while you are away, it does not mean that to be alone is comfortable. Pet believe that you will return, and waits.

If the dog stays alone in the empty home, it will suffer every day.

If you full of enthusiasm have a dog and plan to spend a lot of time, just imagine that this will continue for 10-13 years. Maybe few months you will communicate with pet and play. But then a regular routine will delay you. The dog will take place at the end of the list. Is it worth to torture the animal?

That’s why dogs are not the easiest pet to own if you spend rarely time at home.


easiest pet to own

Parrots – are very lively and sociable pets. If they stay alone, without the attention of the owner they start to get bored. Stress leads of hysteria, which often results in plucking.

This reaction happens in cases when the parrot divides the cell with the wrong partner. So, if you decide to bring a neighbor, not the fact that the pets converge characters and live fun.

Birds easiest pet to own but it has the rules too. Researchers often recommend buying interesting toys for the parrot. But if you are not playing, communicating with the pet or doing it briefly, then toys will not save your bird from boredom.


With the rat especially you will not play, but your attention to it again necessary. However, here the problem of loneliness and you can solve it easily: buy two same-sex rat and large cell, equip it with toys, tunnels, houses and calmly go work.

Rats – very social creatures, they need to live in the company.

If you firmly decide to have a rat, it will need a lot of your attention and the opportunity to be outside the cell. Rats are very mobile and inquisitive. They constantly need to crawl, climb on the hill, rummaging through things to find something new.


easiest pet to own

Raccoons – are mischievous and movable creatures, which require constant attention. If you leave the raccoon alone, it will simply crush flat, climb in any cupboard, break everything and tear your clothes.


If a long time to lock pet in an enclosed space, such as on the balcony or in the cell, do not play, communicate with it, a pet will be quite wild and instead of the inquisitive domestic animal, you will get a wild striped creature. These animals do not include the easiest pet to own type.

You decide to have a raccoon. Remember that most of the free time you have to spend entertaining animal and making sure that it did not break anything.

Suit busy people


Does a cat miss on its owner or just use it to satisfy their needs? There are different opinions on this subject. Study Daniel Miles was published in 2015 and proved that cats are not much attached to their owners. During the experiment, he compared the reaction of an infant in the care and appearance of the mother and the behavior of dogs and cats in a similar situation with their owners.

A child with obviously crawled to her mother after her appearance. The dog jumped over the owner, wagging the tail. But the cat did not stop the game with a stranger and even didn’t notice that owner went out.


easiest pet to own

One of the easiest pet to own if you rarely spend time at home is ferrets. They get along good with dogs (not hunting breeds) and cats, as well as with other ferrets. This small animal sleeps for 18-20 hours a day and may be castrated or longer. Therefore, most of your working day pet will not bored. And when you get home, you can to spend with it enough time.


easiest pet to own

It seems that these animals do not need company. Researchers don’t advise keeping same-sex hamster into the same cage for preventing a fight.

Playing with a hamster is quite difficult because they do not understand that you are playing with it. In general, it does not need in your community so you can safely go to work. The main thing – to look after it.