When the window gloomy, and you darkly dressed, of course, the mood will be gloomy. So even if you choose dark colors, be sure to dilute the image more vivid detail. Just want to point out that the beautiful and correct “warm clothes” begins with the correct selection of warm clothes.How to dress warmly and beautifully in winter?-Then it all depends on the purpose of your clothes.Let’s learn with Recentmagazine.com.Here are my four components for the beauty and warmth:


Fur is always beautiful, they look elegant and feminine, I ready to wear them all year round, but winter is especially relevant. It’s not just about the outer clothing, even a small furry accessory is a very interesting and elegant way of completion. Do not pass by fur jackets – this handy article of clothing allows you to beautifully combine different clothing options and create comfort in the cold weather. When you spend a lot of time traveling by car, it is very practical and even irreplaceable. Speaking of fur, I can not recommend paying attention to the trot – a status fur, but it is not as fragile as the others, and extremely lightweight, perfectly protected from the cold, and its exterior quality is superb.


They come in different sizes, different densities and different knitting patterns, you can pick up for any event, in particular, they fit perfectly into the office dress code. Fashion calls us today to layering, cardigan perfectly fits the bill. Depending on what you are putting it, top evening or silk blouse, your image is changing and you look warm and beautiful.


Of course, in the cold in my view not do without cashmere, whether it is a coat, sweater or scarf. This soft material provides comfort and warmth.


I prefer the feminine models that favorably emphasize the shape. The cold – that’s no reason to hide from everyone and look like a cabbage.

Dress warmly and beautifully 🙂 Which one are you choosing dear ladies?