How dangerous clean dry air in apartments?

Such air dries the skin, causing thirst and reduces working capacity. Few people think about that dry air in the room – it is quite a serious problem. But, precisely it has a place in modern offices and apartments. The main reasons of the clean dry air are conditioners, poor ventilation, and central heating, lack of ventilation in offices – and even a large number of people in the same room. Naturally, all of these factors affect the health, appearance also their work performance.

What causes clean dry air in the room?clean dry air

Often we ignore the various problems, perceiving them as a reality. For example, dust in the apartment. Indeed, it seems, well, where the apartment appeared so much dust, especially during the cold season? The fact, the radiators by means of convection help circulate the heated air in the room. With air, “travel” dust and microbes which settle not only on the prominent places even enter the human respiratory tract. From here – allergy and various infections.

This convection current, among other things, remove the moisture from the air, increasing its temperature – this is pernicious not only for humans but also for furniture items.

What are the danger of clean dry air in the room?

  1. Lot of dust

Dry air will never bind dust. In addition, if the apartment is hot, the dust will be very much, and it will fly in the air, settling not only in the objects and furniture also in the human airways. This leads to the development of allergies and asthma.

  1. Diseases

Due to the clean dry air, the human body does not receive oxygen. So between people develop chronic fatigue, drowsiness, impaired concentration. There is a high risk of acquiring infections transmitted by airborne droplets. The serious disease can occur even on this background.

  1. The susceptibility to various infections

Dry air causes the violation self-cleaning of bronchial tubes, which, in turn, makes the person susceptible to respiratory infections.

  1. The dryness of the skin

Clean dry air accelerates moisture evaporation process from the skin, due to skin becomes dry and rough, irritated and tightened, ugly and flaky.

  1. Dryness of mucous membranes

Especially it fast and acutely felt by those who wear contact lenses – just a couple of hours in a room with dry air and begins stinging in the eyes.

  1. Reducing of working capacity

  2. Thirst

  3. Cracks in the wooden objects

Clean dry air leads to the fact that wood furniture, and in general objects made of wood, dry out. They become deform due to cracks, which may arise, and loss of the original appearance.

  1. Fissuring of parquet

  2. Frustrated tools

Of course, musical instruments is not at all, so this option will attract the attention only of musicians: from lack of moisture does happen.clean dry air

Methods for fight against dry air

  1. The most effective way to solve such problems as the clean dry air in the room – a humidifier. However, this method is also the most expensive. Nevertheless, experts say that it’s worth it – have to breathe in the room will be much easier after a couple of days.
  2. Try regularly ventilating the room – at least three times a day for ten minutes.
  3. Be sure to drink a lot – at least eight glasses of water per day. At the same time, abandon a coffee. Because of this beverage contrary dehydrates the body.
  4. Conduct daily wet cleaning – wipe the floor with a wet cloth, furniture, windowsills, and most importantly – battery. So you not only get rid of the dust, and the air will noticeably dampen.
  5. Start indoor plants that are able to humidify the air. For these purposes, especially suitable home fern room linden, Fatsa, fichus, tsiperus, hibiscus, and dracaena. All these plants will change the air in the room on the positive side.
  6. If you work a lot at the computer, buy moisturizing eye drops. It is definitely necessary to make, and if you wear contact lenses, however, pre-need to make sure that the drops can be combined with wearing lenses.
  7. Hang a wet towel on the radiator, as it dries it will have to re-moisturize. Put next to the sink some containers with water: a bowl or bucket.
  8. Start aquarium. Moreover, it is not necessary to fish, instead of them is possible “make” underwater plants.
  9. Buy a decorative fountain. Turn on it, from time to time; soon you will see that the air is not so dry.
  10. Open the window on the mode “ventilation”, when it is going to rain.
  11. Obtain thermal water and spray yourself (especially, it will help those who have to stay at the office all day).