Collaboration in a team and creative thinking.

When did you last lay on the ground looking up, and wondered why the sky blue? Most likely, for a long time. And why would an adult think about this? At least just to feel like a child again, and in the process to develop useful skills. Try to do this exercise with your colleagues. It will help to develop collaboration in a team.

With age, we become less curious. But you do not need much to awaken your creativity. Just think about why the sky is blue.

  1. Ask an unexpected question

Becoming adults, we stop asking difficult questions – too much accumulates urgent in personal and professional life. How to come up with such a question now?

Try to imagine what the child might ask, for example: “Why are we hiccuping?”, “Why is the car going?” Remember, perhaps your children recently asked you a question, but you did not find an answer. You can even ask a question related to your work. The main thing is that it should be original.collaboration in a team

  1. Highlight the hour to find the answer

In search of an answer, you will certainly learn something new or refresh the memory of an object that has not been encountered after studying. Perhaps you will even have an interest in the old hobby again.

You will have to compare data from several sources and quickly find reliable information. These skills are necessary for critical thinking and collaboration in a team. In addition, in the process of joint searches, you will surely learn something useful from colleagues.

  1. Work together

Most of us are used to working individually, focusing only on our part of the assignment. And when we have the same responsibilities, we start to compete with others, sometimes just unconsciously. To avoid this, select one computer for all to search.collaboration in a team

  1. Argue, but respect someone else’s opinion

Differences in opinions and disputes make one think, look at things from the opposite point of view. But many people keep quiet from politeness or not to seem ridiculous.

During exercise, encourage discussion. Let everyone know that they can safely express opinions. As you know for the productive development of business, collaboration in a team very important.