What you can learn about a person by the type of coffee and drinks he uses

Espresso, latte or decaffeinated? What say about you coffee and drinks preferences

Professor of Psychology at the University of California Ramani Durvasula found out how our personal qualities relate to what kind of coffee we drink.

Black without all

People who prefer bitter, including black coffee without any additives, are prone to narcissism and antisocial behavior


Those who drink espresso, as a rule, distinguished by their exquisite taste and wide outlook. Among the espresso, lovers have got many avid travelers.

coffee and drinks


Latte and other types of coffee with lots of milk or cream like those who are open to new often help others love comfort and want to freely dispose of their time.


Cappuccino lovers than others care about their health and try to keep everything under control.

Coffee with syrup or coffee cocktails

Try cold coffee and drinks or coffee with different flavors. For example, with caramel or coconut syrup – like fans of thrill who are not afraid to take risks.

coffee and drinks

Decaffeinated coffee

People who drink decaffeinated coffee are usually cautious and take good care of their health. They like to fully control own lives. Unexpected and risky situations scare them. Sometimes they seem to be selfish.

Instant coffee

Coffee from sachets and ordinary instant coffee preferred by avid procrastinators and those who easily treat their life.