The boy grew up: Daniel Radcliffe marries

The star of Harry Potter films is going to be tied up by marriage

Daniel Radcliffe marries

Throughout the eight Harry Potter films, fans of fairy-tale history watched as the performer starring Daniel Radcliffe from a little boy turns into a young man. It’s hard to believe, but after some two and a half years, the actor will celebrate the 30th anniversary. Radcliffe has finally grown out of the role of a wizard boy in round glasses and even soon going to get married.

Daniel Radcliffe marries

Insiders of Star magazine told that Daniel bought the ring for his long-time friend Erin Dark. Sources added that the actor and his lover had been talking about the wedding for a long time, but the representative of Radcliffe had not yet confirmed the news about the couple’s imminent betrothal.

With his future bride, Daniel Radcliffe has been around for almost five years. They met on the set of the movie “Kill your loved ones.” Three years ago there were rumors that the actors are going to get married, but Father Dark refuted them.